The HEXA Plant will even do a stomping dance when it's out of water.

By Madison Roberts
May 03, 2019
courtesy of Vincross.

Gone are the days where you have to manually move your plant on and off the windowsill by hand. Now, there’s a robot that will do it for you!

The HEXA Plant is a six-legged machine designed to carry a potted plant on its back and move in and out of the sunshine to give your plant optimal light.

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According to a blog post from Vincross founder Sun Tianqi, he came up with the idea for a potted plant robot when he saw a dead sunflower at a flower exhibition that had been sitting in the shade all day.

Courtesy of Vincross.

“I thought, if it could move a little bit, take a 30-foot walk out of the shadow to where the other sunflowers were, it would have lived healthily,” Tianqi writes in a blog post.

Courtesy of Vincross.

So he created a machine with a mission would be to keep plants alive. The HEXA Plant is not only attracted to sunlight, but will also crawl into shade when the plant needs to cool down.

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Courtesy of Vincross.

It will also “play” with its owner if they touch the base, and even spins around and dances when it’s soaking up the sun. When it’s out of water, the HEXA Plant signals by stomping around.

Courtesy of Vincross.

However, currently, the HEXA Plant is only a user case, meaning it’s not available for purchase, but it’s being used to show everything another HEXA robot can do.

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Courtesy of Vincross.

The original HEXA, which retails for $949, will walk around your home, crawling up surfaces and using a camera with night vision to conquer multiple terrains. Those with an interest in robotics, can also use this robot to code new actions and reactions to commands.

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