Reese's Just Released Three New Mystery Shapes for the Holidays

The company is inviting peanut butter cup lovers to give their best guess as to what the candies are.

Chocolate and peanut butter is a classic candy combination beloved by many. (In fact, a recent poll conducted by Monmouth University found that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are "by far" the most popular Halloween treat.) Although you can't go wrong with the traditional cup, Reese's is known for its seasonal varieties, including eggs, pumpkins, and trees. In honor of this upcoming holiday season, Reese's is changing things up by releasing not one, but three new versions—but there's a catch. The shapes are a secret.

Reese's Mystery Shapes are the first new holiday shapes released by The Hershey Company in 20 years, says Anna Lingeris, a company spokesperson. The latest offering allegedly has the "perfect" ratio of peanut butter and chocolate, which depending on whether you're more of a peanut butter person or a chocolate lover, is up to interpretation. What might be the most interesting tidbit about the product is the shapes won't actually ever be revealed. "The shapes are a secret we’ll never tell… because your guess is as good as ours!" Lingeris says.

package of reese's mystery shapes
Courtesy of The Hershey Company

The candies are currently available at major retailers nationwide, including Walmart and Walgreens, for a limited time leading up to the holidays, Lingeris says. Although they are slowly rolling out in stores (they might not be available until after Halloween), you can currently purchase them online at Walmart for $2.98 per an 18-piece bag.

Completely intrigued by this mysterious product, and always ready to enjoy some candy, we at got our hands on a packaging of these Mystery Shapes. And we'll be honest—it's not crystal clear as to what these sweets are supposed to be. The packaging shows a couple of different shapes that resemble an ornament and a mitten, but we didn't determine those to be in the bag. After some thorough taste testing and shape analyzing, our best guesses were: a snowman, a bell, and something that resembles what could be a stocking or Santa Claus' boot.

The structures were definitely different than other Reese's forms we've seen, but the flavor was on point. There's a slightly larger proportion of peanut butter to chocolate, which in my opinion, is exactly how it should be. And as long as the candy tastes great, the shape doesn't make a difference.

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