Whether you welcome all guests or only the Amazon delivery person, these quippy doormats let visitors know where you stand.

By Hannah Bruneman
February 15, 2019
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Because you literally walk all over them, welcome mats are often overlooked. Instead of a basic coir doormat, consider buying a decorative mat to catch the attention of visitors. We've rounded up our favorite doormats, all with funny phrases, well wishes, and relatable notes.

Anyone who owns this doormat clearly has their priorities straight. Let guests know that packages, pizza, and the queen of farmhouse style (Joanna Gaines) are the only unannounced visitors welcome in your home. This hilarious doormat can be customized to say any store, food, or celebrity guest.

Image courtesy of Target

Wizard of Oz fans will love this doormat adorned with the classic phrase, "There is no place like home." Visitors will feel safe, comfortable, and wanted at your home after being greeted with the cheerful saying.

This doormat gets right to the point. If you’re anything like us, you probably spend your Sunday afternoons wandering the aisles of Trader Joe’s looking for their next trendy product. This doormat lets your guests know that if you’re not answering the door, you’re probably chasing down a big jar of cookie butter.

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

We love a doormat that pushes the boundaries. This hexagonal doormat actually has two phrases; one welcoming you as you enter your home, and another wishing you well on your way out the door. Plus, the French pleasantries will let your neighbors know you’re a world traveler. Buy this fun welcome mat or make your own!


Image courtesy of Etsy

For people who don’t like unannounced guests, get a doormat that lets friendly neighbors know they better show up bearing tacos. Although, we’ll settle for a bottle of wine, too. This made-to-order doormat is a summertime essential.


Image courtesy of Anthropologie

Sometimes you just need a little positive reinforcement on your way out the door. This happy doormat reminds you to have a great day, no matter the weather or long list of items on your to-do list. Now that we think about it, we would love to have this at the foot of every door in our home—both inside and out.

Give the delivery man a heads-up that your four-legged friend might bark when he rings the bell. This doormat is for owners that are serious about their pets. Plus, your beloved pooch might even get a biscuit as a bonus!

We can’t resist a good pun—especially one about animals. This whale-y funny doormat welcomes your guests with a sense of humor. Buy it from Etsy in up to three different sizes.


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