Quiet Fireworks Are Here to Calm Your Pets This Fourth of July

Reduced-noise fireworks bring all the beauty of traditional fireworks without all the sound to give pets, children, and others a more enjoyable Independence Day. Look for them this year at your local firework stand.

If you’re a dog owner and live anywhere near a Fourth of July fireworks display, you know the helpless feeling of watching your pup cower under the bed or in a secluded space once the fireworks start. And as much as we try to keep pets calm during the fireworks, we can only do so much to shelter them from the explosive booms and pops that come with celebrating Independence Day.

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According to the ASPCA and Pet Amber Alert, more dogs get lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. And once they're outside, they can become even more scared of the loud noises associated with the holiday and have difficulty finding their way home. But it’s not just housepets that are affected by the noise; wildlife like birds, deer, and small mammals can be frightened or harmed by large and loud fireworks.

Luckily for our four-legged friends, several companies now offer “quiet fireworks.” Towns across the country (and even across the world) are swapping their normal explosive shows for these reduced-noise displays in an attempt to keep children and pets calm and happy during the holiday.

In places like Costa Mesa, California, the main city-wide firework display uses reduced-noise pyrotechnics. And while these aren’t quite as big as the fireworks you’re likely used to seeing in a large-scale show, they’re more enjoyable for pets, children, and others sensitive to loud noises. They're also a more considerate option for military veterans; fireworks can trigger PTSD for combat veterans.

The new fireworks aren't just in the United States; the United Kingdom recently placed a ban on all fireworks that produce over 120 decibels of sound in the name of animal welfare. And the town of Collecchio, Italy, outlawed all explosives except quiet fireworks in an attempt to keep pets calm during noisy human celebrations. Banff, Canada also opted for a quiet fireworks display last year, as the town is home to a national park full of wildlife.

You can get the fireworks online from companies like Epic Fireworks, but we’ve also seen them at small fireworks stands across the country. Check with your local vendors to find out where to purchase in your area. They’re definitely our new go-to item for the neighborhood fireworks show and the annual Fourth of July family barbecue. Just be sure to check if fireworks are permitted in your city and take the appropriate precautions.

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