I’d like a bowl of Lucky Charms, hold the cereal.

By Corey Williams
Updated February 21, 2019
Photo courtesy of Lucky Charms/Facebook

We are living in the future, people. In 2019, cakes are made of cheese, flowers are irrelevant, and we can buy Lucky Charms marshmallows by the pound. Well … kind of.

General Mills did release limited-edition marshmallow-only boxes last year, but only 70 fans were lucky enough to snag one.

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Thank goodness for the rest of us, Medley Hills Farm’s 1-pound copycat version is available for only $11 on Amazon.

These dehydrated marshmallows aren’t quite as Insta-worthy as the real deal—they look more like colorful blobs than anything—but, hey, nobody’s perfect.

While the ~aesthetic~ leaves a bit to be desired, reviewers agree that these are magically delicious.

If you’re not sold by “this saved our marriage” or “I have consumed three bags of these and now have type 3 diabetes,” I don’t really know what to tell you. You might be in the wrong place.

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Medley Hills suggests adding the marshmallows to cereal; baking them into cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and Rice Krispies Treats; using them to spruce up s’mores; or, you know, just eating them out of the bag.

Buy your own bag here.

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