Reveal, The 'Property Brothers' New Magazine Just Dropped

The premier issue offers tips and inspiration from the two home-flipping experts.

With 23 years of renovating and flipping homes under their tool belts, Drew and Jonathan Scott are sharing even more of their know-how through their newest project—a quarterly lifestyle magazine, Reveal, which hits newsstands tomorrow January 10 and is available for subscription online now.

"We want to find the simple steps to help everyone live their best life," Jonathan says. "And it turns out, it's really not that complicated. This magazine is all about taking people just beyond their comfort zone, to show them how easy it is to do something amazing— whether that's finding new ways to spend time together as a family, taking the next step in your career, or making your home work harder."

cover of property brothers reveal magazine

One of their top priorities is helping readers make the most of what they already have. Here, they share their four key steps to help your home reach its full potential, whether you're selling or staying.

1. Cut the Clutter

This one task makes living in your home more pleasant and is absolutely crucial when you're selling. "Do regular purges and donate or trash things you no longer use," Drew says. "Then look for areas of wasted space, like under the stairs or in the garage, where you can add storage." If you're selling, consider moving some of your stuff to a storage unit. "You’ll automatically make people feel like the house has better flow and better storage."

Jonathan Scott

Our philosophy is finding how a home can make someone's life easier.

— Jonathan Scott

2. Make the Layout Inviting

"One thing we see a lot is people pushing all the furniture against the walls of a room," Drew says. "You want comfortable arrangements that are close enough for conversation." If you're stumped, the brothers recommend starting with a sectional: The right angles position people face-to-face.

3. Lighten Up

"Brighter homes look bigger, so make sure you have great lighting," Jonathan says. "Every renovation we do, we always put in recessed lights so there's great ambient lighting. In addition to that, having a lighter paint palette and reflective surfaces like stainless steel and mirrors helps bounce light around inside."

4. Update the Kitchen

Big structural changes or a modified layout isn't always necessary. New appliances (and cabinets if needed) will smooth your everyday duties and increase your home value if you sell. "When updating appliances, look for opportunities to free up counter space, like with an under- the-counter microwave," Jonathan says.

Subscribe to Reveal now online, or pick up a copy of the premier issue on newsstands January 10.

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