The 7 Most Popular Super Bowl Foods for Game-Day Snacking

Americans will eat a record-breaking 1.4 billion chicken wings on America's most popular game day.

The Super Bowl is almost here! If you're anything like us, our snack game is just as important as the actual football game. According to a 2020 survey of more than 1,200 people by YouGov, more than 60% of America plans to gather around the TV on Sunday, and having snacks at the ready is a necessity. The most popular foods consumed (unsurprisingly) are classic party-ready foods. Here are the game-day eats America is putting in its starting lineup.

infographic of most popular Superbowl game day foods

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7. Burgers and Sliders

Taco Burger Sliders
Jacob Fox

The survey revealed 17% of Americans will serve burgers or sliders this Sunday. Make a juicy whiskey burger to impress guests or try ground turkey for a low-fat option. Want to save room for more delicious snacks? Make sliders! If you're looking for a beef alternative that will last the entire game (if they're not gobbled-up quickly), try our slow-cooked buffalo chicken sliders.

6. Cookies

bunch of football cookie dough pops
Hannah Bigot

Salty snacks aren't the only necessities at your football party; 18% of America serves cookies. Be the MVP of your dessert lineup and turn cookie dough into super cute footballs. You also can't go wrong with crowd-pleasers like classic chocolate chip or our favorite peanut butter cookies. Have an air fryer? Put it to use for dessert as well and make mini chocolate chip cookies.

5. Cheese and Crackers

overflowing white charcuterie board
Jacob Fox

Okay, so maybe we don't need to create a fancy charcuterie board to watch Super Bowl commercials (though you totally could!), but 20% of America plans to nosh on cheese and crackers this weekend. Make sure to stock up on a variety of cheeses that will suit everyone's palate. Load up your party tray with fresh veggies, spreads, and meats and you'll have a game-winning cheese board.

4. Nachos

Classic Nachos
Blaine Moats

Coming in at 29%, a classic nacho spread is an easy way to keep munching throughout game day. With crunchy chips as the vehicle, you can have fun piling on all sorts of toppings to make delicious nachos. You can also try a new take on nachos and give them an Italian twist with our Lasagna Pasta Chip Nachos.

3. Pizza

Roasted Vegetable-Chicken Sausage Pizza
Jason Donnelly

Grabbing a slice and a pint is a common scene in any game-day setting, so we're not surprised to see pizza ranked in the top three snacks with 35% of votes. Skip the carryout orders (and long wait times) this year and make your own pizza for a chance to get creative with toppings. You can also opt for healthier options like this sheet pan roasted veggie and chicken pizza.

2. Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Five Ways
Jason Donnelly

If there are no chicken wings, is it even really a Super Bowl party? According to the survey, 36% of Americans must have wings! Our love for chicken wings is so great, the National Chicken Council reports each year, we eat a record-breaking 1.4 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday. That's enough wings to circle the Earth's circumference three times! Use your slow cooker to make a batch of mini buffalo drumsticks or cook them in the air fryer for a lower-fat option.

1. Chips and Dip

Chipotle, Chorizo, and Bean Dip
Blaine Moats

The clear winner of this year's most popular Super Bowl foods is chips and dip with 40% of the survey's vote. Utilize your slow cooker for an easy make-ahead dip or spruce-up some sour cream with mix-ins for a simple dip that's better than storebought options.

Whether you host or attend a watch party, stick to this list to make your menu the real winner on game day.

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