To celebrate, Planters is giving away containers of Cheez Powder so you can cover everything you eat in cheesy orange dust.

By Andrea Beck
August 21, 2019
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Been missing Planters Cheez Balls? You’re not alone—ever since they were discontinued in 2006, ultra-fans of this cheesy, crunchy, bright orange snack have been petitioning Planters to bring them back. We’re not exaggerating their popularity either—multiple petitions have been started on begging Mr. Peanut to bring the cheesy snack back, and while none of them gained more than a few hundred signatures, it’s clear that those who did lend their support are serious. Planters teased fans in July 2018 by briefly bringing the product back to stores—but now they’re officially back again, and for good this time.

Image courtesy of Planters.

The company also has something special for everyone who’s been missing the cheese dust left behind after snacking on Cheez Balls. As part of their re-launch, Planters is giving away 350 limited edition shakers of Cheez Powder so you can make everything you eat taste like cheesy goodness.

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Here’s how to score some: Between now and September 1, comment or tweet @MrPeanut on Twitter with the #CheezBallContest hashtag and let Planters know exactly how you’d put the Cheez Powder to use. Planters will choose 350 winners to receive a shaker of the seasoning. If you need a few ideas, we could see adding the Cheez Powder to just about anything with actual cheese, like pizza, macaroni and cheese, or mozzarella sticks, but you could also use to cheese up fried chicken, potato tots, or your favorite chips.

Buy It: Planters Cheez Balls, $1.98, Walmart

If just having Cheez Balls back is enough for you, luckily they’re already on sale, and you don’t have to enter any contest to snag some. They’re already available at Walmart in their classic 2.75-oz. containers, and according to Planters, you should soon be able to find them at grocery stores nationwide. We’ve made do with substitutes since Cheez Balls were discontinued 13 years ago, but now that the real thing is back and here to stay, we can’t wait to curl up on the couch with our favorite show and enjoy this nostalgic snack once more.



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