If you shop at any of these places, make sure you bring your covering.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) first recommended the use of face masks in early April, and by now it's clear that masks are going to stick around for a while. As cases of COVID-19 spike across the country, many companies are now implementing mask mandates. Read on to see which of your favorite stores are on the list.

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Aldi began requiring face masks on Monday, July 27. The grocery chain asks those who cannot or do not want want to wear a covering shop online and get their products delivered.

Bed Bath & Beyond

If you need to go shopping for some new home decor or kitchen tools, you'll need to bring your face mask. As of Friday, July 24, Bed Bath & Beyond asks everyone who comes into the store to wear a mask. It's the latest addition to the company's safety plan, which also includes occupancy limits, enhanced cleanings, and social distancing.

Best Buy

On Tuesday, July 14, Best Buy announced that customers will need to wear a covering beginning on July 15. There will be masks available at each location in case you forget yours, and the rule does not apply to small children who can't wear one.


Costco was one of the first places to require facial coverings in its stores. On May 4, Craig Jelinek, president and CEO of Costco, announced that all members and guests must wear a mask while shopping in any of the stores. The rule does not apply to children who are under 2 years old.


Today, Jon Roberts, chief operating officer of CVS Health, said in a news release that customers will need to wear a mask in all CVS locations. The rule goes into effect Monday, July 20.


For those heading to the Texas-based grocery store, you'll need to bring your face covering. H-E-B noted in a news release that the state of Texas now requires all customers to wear a mask while in its stores, with the exception of small children and those with certain health issues. Additionally, all H-E-B employees must wear face masks and gloves while working.


The retail chain decided that starting on July 20, anyone who comes into a location needs to wear a face covering. The company announced the update in a news release and noted that more than 70% of stores are already in areas with mask mandates.


This grocery chain's mask mandate goes into effect on Wednesday, July 22, and excludes small children. In the release, the store asks that those who aren't able to wear a mask wear a different type of covering (such as a bandana) or a face shield.


In addition to masks, the hardware store chain notes that face shields are an acceptable option for shoppers to wear in stores.


On July 16, Publix announced that all customers must put on a mask before entering any of its stores. The rule goes into effect Tuesday, July 21.

Sam's Club and Walmart

In a joint news release, Sam's Club and Walmart announced that all locations would require face masks beginning on July 20. All stores will have designated employees at the front of each location reminding customers of the policy, and assisting those who come in without a covering. Sam's Club is also offering complimentary masks.


The popular coffee chain announced a week ago that it would ask customers to wear a face mask, and the rule went into effect on July 15. However, if you place an order for curbside pick-up, delivery, or through the drive-thru, you only have to wear a mask if there is a mask mandate in your community.


Starting Saturday, August 1, shoppers in Target will need to wear a mask. The company notes that those with underlying health conditions and young kids do not need to have one on. Each location will have disposable masks at the entrances for anyone who comes in without a covering.


Originally, Winn-Dixie said customers wouldn't need to wear a face covering in its stores. However, the grocery chain reversed its decision and now requires everyone to wear a mask while shopping. In an email to CBS News, a Winn-Dixie spokesperson noted, "Mask mandates are a highly charged issue with our customers. We do not want to put our associates in a position to navigate interpersonal conflict or prohibit customers from shopping in our stores."

Face coverings help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Wearing one when you leave the house, even if you're going somewhere that doesn't require them, is imperative in keeping people healthy.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
July 31, 2020
Many stores are requiring face masks but are not enforcing it. Some people feel that their rights are being violated because they are being told to wear a mask. They may be defiant and even defensive. This is not a political issue but rather an issue of concern for self and others. We all want our normal lives to resume. We all want to be able to freely associate with family and friends. We all want to be able to enjoy a celebratory dinner in a beautiful restaurant. We all know that at this point the only way out is through - masks and all.