Turn Your Pet Into a Work of Art with a Custom Paint-By-Number Kit

Paint your pet while you practice social distancing.

Because of the new coronavirus, millions of people across the globe are participating in social distancing and staying at home. And while this is the best thing to do for our own and others' health right now, I'll admit I'm already going a bit stir crazy in my apartment. Studies have shown that leisurely artistic crafts like knitting, sewing, and crafting can be beneficial to your mental health and keep you calm at home. But you don't have to pick up a brand new skill to experience these benefits: One of the easiest ways to lower your stress levels is actually something everyone can do. Pick up a color-by-number kit and get started.

a half finished painting of a dog next to pots of paint and brushes
Courtesy of Gray Duck Art

You can order a color-by-number book at just about any online retailer (such as Stress-Free Coloring, $8, Amazon), but we found one that will make your self-quarantine a bit more exciting. Gray Duck Art offers a custom pet painting kit that lets you create a meaningful keepsake while de-stressing.

Here's how it works: Send in a photo of your pet (an iPhone photo works!), choose a background color, and Gray Duck Art will turn it into a custom color-by-number kit that ships to your door in 8-14 days. Once it's been delivered, pick up your paintbrush and get to work painting your furry friend. The activity will help calm your nerves or restlessness as you spend time at home, and when you're finished you'll have a gorgeous piece of art to display.

a hand painting a canvas painting of a dog
Courtesy of Gray Duck Art

Buy It: Pet Painting Kit ($79, Gray Duck Art )

The kit comes with all the supplies you need, so there's no need to go to the store. Inside the kit, you'll find a 12x16-inch canvas with the pre-drawn paint-by-number design, pre-mixed paints, a few paintbrushes, a plastic sheet to cover your workspace, and tips and instructions to help you get started on your masterpiece.

So after you've stocked up on groceries and hunkered down at home, go ahead and send in your pet's photo so you can start painting as soon as possible. While you wait for your custom portrait kit to arrive, brush up on your painting skills with a color-by-number portrait of a calming scene and take a few relaxing breaths.

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