The collection includes "direct and honest sentiments that are raw, relatable, and open-ended."

By Jennifer Aldrich
November 07, 2019

Greeting cards are often given during some of life's happiest moments, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and baby announcements, but they can also be used to bring comfort in difficult times. It's never easy to be on the sending or receiving end to one of these notes, but there's a new type of card that might make the process a little bit better.

Two card companies, Papyrus, which is known for its gorgeous designs, and Thoughtful Human, a quirky, zero-waste startup, have teamed up to release a line of cards to "bring awareness, dialogue, and support for many of life’s issues that are often avoided and remain highly stigmatized," such as physical and mental health, addiction, and relationships, according to a news release. The sustainable cards are completely plastic-free and printed on seed paper that grows into wildflowers when planted.

Courtesy of PAPYRUS/Thoughtful Human


Ali O'Grady, founder of Thoughtful Human, and Dominique Schurman, owner of Papyrus, bonded after both recently losing loved ones to cancer. They wanted to create a line of "direct and honest sentiments that are raw, relatable, and open-ended" to help people through the grieving process. "People are ready to move beyond the greetings and start talking about the tough stuff," O'Grady says in the release. "Cards aren’t going to solve complex health and mental health issues, but actively reaching out, asking the hard questions, and creating the space for real conversations—it's where we can all begin."

Courtesy of PAPYRUS/Thoughtful Human

The collection includes 80 cards that have unique phrases, including, "Life doesn't always make sense," "I said some unkind words. I'm really sorry about that," and "Reminder: We are all rooting for you." There is also a variety of holiday, anniversary, and thank you cards. The cards, which retail for $6.95 each, are available at Papryus stores nationwide as well as on the company's website. The site also has a tab with handy instructions on how to properly plant the product.

Although holidays are known the most wonderful time of the year, they can also be painful reminders of the absence of a loved one for many people. Letting your friends and family know you're thinking of them—during Christmastime and beyond—can be a great comfort.


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