What Do Your Favorite Paint Colors Say About Your Personality?

We spoke to interior designers about the connection between color and personality. See what your favorite paint color says about you.

Have you ever walked into a vibrant room and immediately felt your mood change? Or maybe you associate shades of white with cleanliness. There’s a psychological reason for that, and most—if not all—interior decorators are trained to know how a paint color can speak to your personality.

Designer Paris Forino says she often “plays therapist” to her clients when helping them decide on colors. “I find that with more restrained and conservative clients we work with more whites and neutrals—colors that are less daring,” says Paris. “For several of our fashionable clients, we often embrace colors of the moment that are more fashion-forward, such as blush pink.”

So what does your home say about your personality? Our color guide will help you choose a wall color that best speaks to your traits.

pink and orange accent bedroom

Warm Colors

If you are surrounded by shades of red, pink, yellow, or orange, you might be participating in the hygge trend without even knowing it. The Scandinavian aesthetic is all about getting cozy and making sure others feel welcome to do the same. “Warm colors indicate that you are an inviting host,” says painting expert Victor Tirondola, owner of Manor Works Painting. “Your space evokes a friendly, cozy feel.” Incorporate warm paint colors in your home's gathering spaces, like a living room or den, or use shades of yellow, orange, and red to ground a large room.

blue living room, blue paint, coffee table

Cool Colors

Blues, purples, and greens promote peacefulness and relaxation. Several 2019 colors of the year were shades of blue or green and both have been touted as approachable introductions to color. One study even named navy blue as the world's most relaxing color. If you’re drawn to blues, greens, and purples, you likely value harmony in your home as well as time for meditation and reflection. However, jewel tones can indicate a more moody aesthetic. Consider using cool colors in your bedroom or another place you go to unwind after a long day.

White light beige bedding
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Neutral Colors

Many paint experts agree that homeowners with neutral paint colors tend to play it safe. They are likely practical and make decisions they know they’ll be happy with for many years to come. This, of course, doesn’t mean they're boring, however. “They can be open and cheery, but also quiet and reserved around new people,” says Kayla Hein, creative director at Modern Castle. “They like to play it safe with wall paint and instead choose smaller decor items to bring accents to the spaces.”

modern kitchen with dining peninsula


While white falls under the neutral category, those who specifically choose white paint for their walls tend to be extra tidy. They might take comfort in the clean white walls of a doctor’s office instead of feeling intimidated. “Your roommate or spouse might categorize you as a neat-freak, but, for you, organization is key to success,” says Caroline Harmon, Lowe's senior trend and style analyst. Consider painting your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or another utilitarian space white and adding color through accessories and furnishings.

living room furniture with pink front doors

Pops of Color

If you don't stick to a single color, you just might be the life of the party. “If you like to incorporate brilliant and bold pops of color in your interior paint colors, you are adventurous, energetic, and fun!” says Tirondola. “You love bringing color into your space, creating points of interest and inspiration with bright bursts.” Surprise guests with a bright pink door or yellow kitchen cabinets for unexpected color.

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