This Do-It-All Pan Is the Only Cookware You Need—And It's Finally Back in Stock

The fan-favorite pan does the job of eight types of cookware and makes clean-up a breeze.

When it comes to cooking, I've found "non-stick" to be a loose term. I've spent so much time scrubbing glued-on food remnants from my purportedly non-stick pans that I had begun to lose faith in the label altogether. That is until I encountered this all-in-one pan from sustainable kitchenware brand Our Place.

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Buy It: Always Pan, ($145, Our Place)

Finished with a chemical-free ceramic coating, the Always Pan has a slick, truly non-stick surface that resists all types of food residue. In fact, after cooking with this pan several times a week for the past several months, I have yet to find an ingredient that sticks. My go-to weekend breakfast of a veggie frittata, for example, would typically leave a baked-on layer of egg across the bottom of the pan, requiring a long soak in hot soapy water. With the Always Pan, the eggs literally slide out and onto a plate—no scraping necessary and no sticky film left behind. The aluminum pan is dishwasher-safe, but a quick wipe-down with soapy water is usually all it requires to look sparkling clean again.

Designed to replace eight different types of cookware, it does the job of a frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. The pan comes with a rounded lid, a stainless-steel steamer basket that also functions as a colander, and a beechwood spatula that nests snugly against the handle for easy storage. Plus, the multi-functional design saves tons of space in my small apartment kitchen.

At nearly 3 inches deep and 10 inches wide, it's large enough for boiling pasta, shallow enough to cook pancakes, and pretty enough to go straight from the cooktop to the table. And since it's made with ethically sourced materials and no potentially toxic substances, I never have to worry about bits of Teflon flaking off into my food. The only drawback is that it's not oven-safe, but for my usual one-pot recipes, it works like a dream.

After selling out several times before, the internet-favorite cookware (which boasts hundreds of 5-star reviews on the company's site) is back in stock. The pan is available in six earthy colors, including Blue Salt, Char, Lavender, Sage, Spice, and Steam. Although the Lavender hue is currently sold out, the others will be ready-to-ship in mid-February.

As a former skeptic of non-stick pans, I can attest that this one will not let you down. And if you want to snag one while they're in stock, you'd better act fast before the always-sold-out Always Pan is gone again.

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