The song it plays changes with every bite!

By Andrea Beck
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Gather round, Oreo lovers, because your favorite cookies have a new purpose besides being perfect for dunking in milk—they can play music now, too! Hot on the heels of their popular dunking kit, Oreo has released another fun cookie gadget to play with just in time for the holidays. The Oreo Music Box (a cookie record player!) looks just like a tiny turntable, and it’ll start to play music when you set an Oreo on top.

Buy It: Oreo Music Box Cookie Record Player, $19.99

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The music box will work with any Oreo, so if you’re a fan of one of their many different flavors, Oreo Thins, or even their new Megastuf Oreos, you’ll be able to use your favorite cookie to play music from the device. According to Amazon, when you set your cookie on the turntable, it’ll play a few fun Oreo songs that will change with each bite you take from the cookie. Of course, if you want your Oreo records to play holiday music instead, there’s an option for that too—just record your favorite song or even a personal message to play when you activate the music box.

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you don’t already have a pack of Oreos in your pantry (unlikely, we know), the music box kit includes a few different kinds along with the record player: Classic Oreos, Oreo Thins, and special White Fudge Oreos for the holiday. Take each one for a test drive, and find out if the song changes based on the cookie you use!

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you’re stuck on what to bring to this year’s family gift swap or just need a gift for the Oreo-lover in your life, the Oreo Music Box is available for purchase on Amazon right now for $19.99. That’s one gift you can check off your list early!



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