For the cook who has everything, we doubt you have these! See what novelty products are coming back on trend in 2019.

By Hannah Bruneman
Updated March 11, 2019

There’s a long list of time-tested housewares we’ll buy again and again (like the new KitchenAid mixer bowls or Pyrex’s bake sets), but sometimes it’s fun to throw a curve ball at our kitchen lineup. Turns out, we aren’t the only ones feeling that way.

New research from Wayfair says that consumers are looking to buy novelty kitchen products that put the fun back in cooking and entertaining at home. For example, searches for popcorn-makers have increased by 41 percent since 2018—and the trend has trickled into other small appliance categories, too.

These unique kitchen products combine nostalgia, cool design features, and fun-to-eat foods. And though they may only get used a few times a year, they’re sure to be the life of the party.

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Popcorn Machine

A popcorn machine will likely get more use than any other novelty appliance, plus it’s way easier than stovetop popcorn. Use it every season for big get-togethers or family movie nights. The retro design on this machine differs from other playful popcorn machines that look, dare we say, corny. Stock up on plenty of popcorn salts and seasonings to personalize your snack to your preference.

Buy It: 4 oz. Retro Popcorn Machine, $73.99

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Cotton Candy Maker

As kids, all we wanted was to twirl cotton candy on a paper wand all day (providing we could taste-test it, of course). The Cuisinart cotton candy maker is a tabletop alternative to the carnival cart, and it's here to help us live out that childhood dream. Its small size makes it more realistic to store in the pantry and is more affordable, too.

Buy It: Cuisinart Cotton Candy Maker, $41.99

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker

Homemade ice cream is well worth the arm strength required for churning, but a hostess doesn’t always have time to do that. Instead, Wayfair users are searching for soft-serve ice cream machines that do all the hard work for you. (But we won’t tell if you take all the credit.) This one from Cuisinart also makes frozen yogurt, sorbet, and sherbet. With built-in containers to hold sprinkles and other toppings, it’s a one-stop ice cream shop that fits right on your counter.

Buy It: Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, 69.99

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Hot-Dog Maker

Parents of picky eaters, listen up. While you work hard preparing miso and maple-glazed salmon, let your kid’s meal cook itself without taking up precious space on the stovetop. An old-fashioned hot-dog roller will cook a frank to perfection at just a switch of a knob.

While the hot dogs are cooking, open the striped awning for a place to store the buns. The steam from the hot dogs rises through the ventilation holes and keeps the buns warm while you cook. The best part is, you won’t have to wait for BBQ season to enjoy this quintessential summer delicacy.

Buy It: Hot Dog Roller, $36.99

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Snow Cone Maker

The snow cone is a classic summer staple that has stood the test of time, and now you can enjoy the nostalgic dessert year-round thanks to this adorable version that fits on a tabletop. They're a cool treat for kids and adults of all ages, plus they're inexpensive to whip up (flavored syrup and ice!). This snow cone maker is also a great pick for individuals with food allergies because it’s so easy to make your own allergen-free syrup at home, noted one reviewer.

Buy It: Snow Cone Maker, $32.99


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