The blooming plants are a reminder to grow through what you go through.

By Morgan Noll
February 22, 2019

Although cactuses are spiky, the flowers that pop up on the plant are bright, bold, and inviting. And with the United States Postal Service’s new Cactus Flowers Forever stamps, you can enjoy the looks without the risk of getting pricked.

Cactus Flower Stamps

According to a USPS press release, the Cactus Flowers Forever stamps feature ten different flowering cacti. Among those are Opuntia engelmannii, a prickly pear variety that produces large yellow flowers that bloom in springtime, and Rebutia minuscula, which produces pink, funnel-shaped flowers and thrives as a houseplant. Released on February 15, a booklet of 20 stamps can be purchased for $11, which contains two of each image.

The stamps were designed by art director Ethel Kessler with photographs by John P. Schaefer. Schaefer, who co-founded the Center for Creative Photography with Ansel Adams at the University of Arizona, has lived a life shaped by nature and photography.

Not only do Schaefer's photos add a pop of color to an envelope, but they also symbolize a supportive message. Cactus flowers are an embodiment of “grow through what you go through.” They can bloom and thrive in harsh environments, making these stamps the perfect choice when sending a get well soon card or some needed words of encouragement. Plus, any of your succulent-loving friends are sure to enjoy the personalized addition to their mail.


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