The new Somainnofit bra uses Bluetooth technology to find your perfect fit. We asked bra experts to weigh in on how women can take advantage of the latest bra innovation.

By Emily VanSchmus
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Bra shopping is one of our least favorite tasks: They’re expensive, it’s hard to figure out what size you need, and you often end up with one bra that works pretty well and a bunch of bras that felt fine in the store but end up sitting in your underwear drawer for months.

Last week the Somainnofit “Smart Bra” was released at the International Consumer Electronics Show and it just might solve all of our bra-related problems. The Somainnofit bra is shaped like a large sports bra and uses built-in measurement sensors and Bluetooth technology to recommend a size and style that works best for you via the corresponding app.

Woman wearing a black sports bra
Image courtesy of Soma

Women can purchase the Somainnofit online or head to a Soma store to try it on in person. Owning the bra allows you to track changes in your size and shape over time—which is handy if your breast size or shape changes during your cycle or if you’re pregnant. The bra sold out in just a few hours, but right now you can preorder it for just $25.

Why Finding the Right Fit Is so Difficult

A smart bra that can deliver a perfect fit certainly sounds like the answer to our prayers, but is it too good to be true? We asked bra fitting experts to weigh in on how the new technology can help women with all different breast sizes and shapes.

Let’s start with why finding the right fit is so difficult. Allena Rissa is the founder and editor of The Better Fit, an educational resource focused on helping women understand the different kinds of bras and how to find one that will work best for their body type. She explained that 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size—which she credits to inaccurate bra sizing. “There are variances in how each bra fitter actually measures you,” she said. “Some will measure over your shirt and bra, while others will measure you underneath your bra. This alone can lead to discrepancies in your measurement from store to store.”

She explained that often, your bra fitter will ask your current bra size and take that into account when making their recommendation—which poses another problem, because if you’re going to the store for a fitting, you’re probably there because your current bra size isn’t quite right.

Allena also pointed out that even if you get a perfect bra fitting, the best size and style for you can change more often than you may realize. She typically recommends bra resizing every 6 months, which means investing in the Somainnofit could be well worth your money. “Breasts constantly fluctuate in size due to menstrual cycles, hormones, and small health changes, and each of these can result in your bra not fitting properly,” she said. “The smart bra works for about 200 readings, which will last for years and is worth the purchase.”

How Technology Can Solve Fitting Problems

It’s worth mentioning that just because you’re a 36D doesn’t mean all 36D bras will be a good fit. The Somainnofit technology takes breast shape into consideration as well, which ensures a better fit. Jené Luciani, best-selling author of The Bra Book, told us there aren’t a lot of regulations when it comes to how bra companies label their bra sizes. “There is no real consistency across the board with brands and sizes can vary even within the same brand sometimes,” she said. “This is where I believe the confusion comes in.”

Because the Somainnofit only recommends Soma brand bras based on your measurements, you can be sure that the digital measurement corresponds perfectly with the recommended bra. “Soma, in my experience, has gotten the science down pretty nicely,” Jené said.  As Soma's spokesperson, she commended the brand for taking this step. “The bra industry in particular was one that truly wasn’t keeping up with the times for such a long time,” she said. “This smart bra concept is just another big step in moving the industry and the technology forward, to better serve consumers.”

White sports bra and a tape measure
Image courtesy of VITALI

The Somainnofit is the first of its kind to calculate your perfect size, but it’s not the only smart bra on the market. The VITALI Smart Bra is designed to give users biofeedback on imbalances in physiological indicators. The bra tracks your breathing, heart rate, and other factors that contribute to stress and wellbeing so you can be conscientious about staying on top of your health.


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