You can even win a trip to tour the Peeps factory!

By Andrea Beck
Updated February 20, 2019

Peeps fans, you’ve got loads of new Peeps goodies to look forward to this year. Of course, the traditional marshmallow chicks and bunnies will be back as usual in a variety of colors, but the Easter Bunny will also bring a bunch of new Peeps-themed treats to Easter baskets this year.

Image courtesy of Just Born Quality Confections

First of all, you’ll be able to find Peeps in a lot more flavors than just plain marshmallow this year. Nationwide, three new flavors will be hitting shelves soon. Be on the lookout for Pancakes & Syrup Marshmallow Chicks, Cotton Candy Marshmallow Chicks, and Orange Sherbet Marshmallow Chicks dipped in crème flavored fudge. All three new flavors should be available in a variety of retailers nationwide.

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Image courtesy of Just Born Quality Confections

The new flavors don’t end there. Available only at Target, you’ll be able to find new Vanilla Crème and Chocolate Caramel Swirl Marshmallow Chicks among the store’s other Easter candy.  Fruit-flavor fans should head to Walmart to hunt down a box of Blue Raspberry Marshmallow Chicks. Finally, Root Beer Float Marshmallow Chicks, the last of the new flavors, will be available at the Kroger family of stores, which includes Kroger, Harris Teeter, Ralphs, and Dillons.

Image courtesy of Just Born Quality Confections

The seven new flavors are just the beginning of the new Peeps products you can expect to see this year. The company is also taking on breakfast, so you can start snacking on Peeps right away on Easter morning. Peeps-flavored coffee creamer will be available for a limited time to add a little extra sweetness to your cup, and Peeps marshmallow-flavored cereal is also out now.

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Image courtesy of Just Born Quality Confections

Finally, if you’re not the biggest fan of Peeps, the company famous for their sugary marshmallows is expanding into chocolate. Solid milk chocolate bunnies are also new for Easter 2019, but they come in the shape of a Peeps bunny and are wrapped in brightly colored foil, similar to the pastel sugar coating on the original candies. Oh, and there’ll also be Peeps-flavored jelly beans for those who love chewier candy.

Image courtesy of Just Born Quality Confections

If you've dreamed of seeing how to this classic Easter treat gets made, you’ll finally have the chance. By donating to Peeps Helping Peeps, which is raising money for educational opportunities for children, you can win a trip to the Peeps factory in Pennsylvania and get an exclusive tour of the Peeps-making process. Seeing rows and rows of chicks and bunnies taking shape sounds like a great way to celebrate Easter to us!

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With all the new Peeps products hitting shelves now, it looks like the Easter Bunny came early this year. Just make sure you hop on the opportunity to try them all—they’ll only be available until Easter (which is on April 21), so you’ve got about two months to enjoy them.


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