The secret is in the magnets. See how The Glider makes it easy to achieve streak-free windows—inside and out.

By Hannah Bruneman
February 21, 2019
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We get it—grabbing a ladder and climbing up to clean your exterior windows is a hassle. But if you’re just cleaning your windows from the inside of your home, you’ll never get them completely clean.

Finally, there’s a safe and easy way to clean the exterior of your home’s windows—no ladder, harness, or safety net required.

Image courtesy of Tyroler Bright Tools

The product is called The Glider, and it’s made by Tyroler Bright Tools. The concept is simple: Two cleaners resembling squeegees are held together with a strong magnetic bond. To wash both sides of your windows at once, simply separate The Glider and place one outside the window and one inside. The magnet should be strong enough to hold the bond.

From there, the user sprays window cleaner on as much of the exterior window as they can reach. As they move the indoor Glider across the window surface, the exterior Glider will follow. After you’ve squeegeed the cleaner across the window, you can slip a microfiber cloth over the Glider and wipe away any streaks.

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Of course, The Glider works better on some windows than others. If your window has a screen, you’ll need to remove that first. Also, windows that swing open from the side will be easier to spray with a cleaning solution than windows that raise and lower. High-rise apartment dwellers should make sure their window screens are even able to be removed before buying.

For safety measures, the exterior Glider comes with a string attached that you can hold as you clean. If the magnet gets knocked loose, the Glider will not fall on unsuspecting bystanders below the window.

You can buy the Glider on their website or on Amazon. There are three different sizes, correlating to different window glass thickness. Prices range from $45 to $115.99. Making your home (literally) sparkle and shine has never been easier.


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March 9, 2019
Basically a larger version of the magnetic cleaner tool for aquariums.
March 9, 2019
Basically a larger version of the magnetic cleaner tool for aquariums.