Which of these new reusable cups have you added to your collection?

By Andrea Beck
Updated September 11, 2019

Starbucks fans know how popular the company’s reusable cups are, and they usually come out with a few coveted designs throughout the year. Over the summer they released a set of color-changing cups that sold out in an instant. Now that Halloween is on the horizon, Starbucks is debuting new spooky options that will fit perfectly into the season of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins.

And the Halloween cups just keep coming! Dedicated Starbucks fans have been spotting new additions to the company’s massive collection of reusable cups all season long, and now it seems you’ve got two more (well, seven more, really) to add to your wish list. Our first clue that new Starbucks cups were coming came with the release of the studded matte black tumbler (more on that below), but we had no idea that this Halloween season would be so full of treats.

We’ve been keeping track of all the new holiday cups here, but if you just want a cup you can use this fall that’s free of cobwebs and ghosts, Starbucks has you covered there, too. Keep your eyes peeled for their tortoiseshell tumblers and water bottles. Unlike the Halloween cups below, they're a subtler way to transition into fall, but no less gorgeous. It’s perfect for filling up with a Cinderella Latte, too!

First up, fans of hot drinks have finally got reusable Halloween cups to sip their Pumpkin Spice Lattes out of. A six-pack of 16 oz. Halloween cups has started hitting shelves at some Starbucks stores, and there’s a cup for every Halloween mood. For $11.95, you can dress your morning coffee up in gray, black, white, green, and burgundy cups, each with a different Halloween design. Each morning, choose your favorite out of the line-up—skull, moth, crow, pumpkins, spiderweb, or black cat—and show off your Halloween spirit.

If you’re ordering a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew in the morning instead of a hot Pumpkin Spice Latte, there’s another spooky cold drink cup you can try to hunt down. The new 16-ounce black cup goes all out with Halloween decorations—it’s covered from top to bottom with creepy-cute Halloween illustrations of skulls, crows, candles, spiderwebs, pumpkins, leaves, and more. According to Starbucks, you should be able to find it for $14.95 this fall.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Hartley.

The first Halloween-specific cup release shows the traditionally green logo turned a ghostly black and surrounded by a sparkly spiderweb that spins across the entire cup. It looks like this cold-drink cup also has a black lid and a pink straw, which is the only pop of color on this otherwise spooky creation. We reached out to Starbucks to find out when the new Halloween cup will hit shelves and where you can find it, but haven't heard back. In the meantime, you should know that this first sighting of the spiderweb cup took place at a Target Starbucks location.

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But before the spiderweb cup, the spooky hot cups, and the black Halloween cup, another new cup arrived on the scene that's giving us chills. The new studded cup is a pretty-but-creepy matte black. For those who prefer their witches brew in the morning, it’ll be great for toting iced coffee drinks on the go. Nothing will put you in the Halloween spirit quite like sipping a pumpkin spice latte from this goth-inspired cup.

The rose gold version released in the past was about $19 when it was first introduced, and according to Starbucks, the new black cups will be similarly priced at $18.95. The new matte version looks to be a similar design and is the same size (24 ounces) as the previous colors, so you can add this Halloween-themed tumbler to your collection if you've already used and loved the others. The cup can even save you money at Starbucks—every time you bring a reusable cup (even if it’s not their design), you'll save 10 cents on your drink order.

Starbucks confirmed that all of the new cups are supposed to land in stores this fall, but some dedicated coffee shop-goers have already spotted them on shelves across the country, and they should be arriving most Starbucks locations. Keep an eye out while you’re getting your next cup of joe, too—it’s possible that Starbucks will have even more Halloween and fall-themed reusable cups for sale!



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