Halloween is closer than you think! Look for these new treats the next time you head to the grocery store.

By Andrea Beck
Updated September 05, 2019

We're officially transitioning into fall, and back-to-school and Pumpkin Spice Latte seasons are upon us. We've already begun spotting pumpkin products galore whenever we head to the grocery store, and now Halloween candies are starting to make their way back onto shelves. It's time to start planning your Halloween costume and stocking up on sweets for October 31. To help you become the most popular house on the block among trick-or-treaters, we rounded up all the new Halloween candies you can find this year, plus a few old favorites that are set to return.

Image courtesy of Mars Wrigley.

Image courtesy of Mars Wrigley.

M&M's Creepy Cocoa Crisp

We have to say, the first Halloween candy of the season looks like a winner! Spotted on shelves at Target, M&M’s Creepy Cocoa Crisp has a crispy, chocolaty center surrounded by an outer layer of dark chocolate (if the packaging is any indication, it looks like the flavor is based on chocolate crispy cereal). Rather than the traditional M&M colors, it looks like the pack will be filled with classic autumnal hues like brown, orange, and red. M&M is known for releasing delicious new flavors, like hazelnut spread-filled candies, and for coming up with new holiday creations, like their hot cocoa M&M’s, so we're eager to add this one to our candy dish.

Buy It: M&M's Halloween Creepy Cocoa Crisp, $3.19, Target

The new flavor of M&M's was first spotted all the way back in July, but it looks like Creepy Cocoa Crisp is starting to hit shelves nationwide now. Mars Wrigley confirmed that the new flavor is a Target exclusive and that a bag of the limited edition M&M's has a suggested price of $3.49. While you're stocking up on Halloween candy for trick or treaters, make sure you grab a bag for yourself to snack on while you hand out candy (if you can make it last until Halloween).

Image courtesy of Mars Wrigley.

Zombie Skittles

We’ve heard the hype about Zombie Skittles for a long time (they were first announced back in 2018!). This year, they’re finally available to try, but only if you’re feeling brave. While each pack is filled with tasty flavors like petrifying citrus punch, mummified melon, boogeyman blackberry, chilling black cherry, blood red berry, you can’t count on every Skittle being delicious. There are also Rotten Zombie Skittles lurking in every pack, and it’s supposed to taste truly putrid. If you don’t mind a trick on Halloween, the Zombie Skittle invasion has already begun—you can find them at stores like Walmart and Target.

Buy It: Zombie Skittles Fun Size Bags, $2.28, Walmart

Image courtesy of Target.

Cauldron Skittles

Cauldron Skittles are coming back this Halloween, and they’re already on shelves! Rather than the traditional flavors, each pack features spookier flavor options like twisted tangerine, boogey berry, lurking lemon, petrified pear, and gripping grape. Fill up your own cauldron with these Halloween flavors to serve at a Halloween party, or opt for the fun-size bags to pass out to trick-or-treaters. Unlike Zombie Skittles, each bag is all treat, no trick. They’re in stock at Target stores now, but if they haven’t hit the shelves at your local store, you can order them online, too.

Buy It: Cauldron Skittles Fun Size Bags, $2.69, Target

If you need a taste of autumn now to last you until more Halloween treats roll out, start checking your local stores for these new releases. Keep your eyes peeled for other Halloween candies, too—more are on the way soon!



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