They also introduced a new sundae topped with berries and cake pieces.

By Andrea Beck

Summer hasn’t even started yet and Dairy Queen is already reigning supreme when it comes to mouthwatering new treats. First there was their annual free cone day on the first day of spring, then they announced their new dreamsicle dipped cones, and finally, they satisfied all our cravings by adding brand new cake shakes to their menu. Now, as summer gets closer, delectable new treats just keep coming. The two latest additions to the menu are versions of a brand new treat called a “cupfection” which looks like a loaded version of a sundae, and there’s something to satisfy both chocolate and fruit lovers.

Image courtesy of Dairy Queen.

Chocolate lovers, the new Brownie and Oreo Cupfection is calling your name! It starts out with Dairy Queen’s classic vanilla soft serve, and, just like the best sundaes, it’s topped with a rich chocolate sauce. Of course, unlike a sundae, the goodness doesn’t end there. It’s also got Oreo cookie pieces, marshmallow topping, and an indulgent triple chocolate brownie on top. That definitely beats a cherry in our book!

Image courtesy of Dairy Queen.

If you’d rather indulge in a summer treat with fresh seasonal fruit, you can put your order in for one Summer Berry Cake Cupfection. Like the brownie Oreo version, it starts with vanilla ice cream, but it’s topped off with pieces of vanilla cake, fresh raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, plus chocolate chunks and a swirl of whipped topping. It sounds like the perfect combination of refreshing and decadent to indulge in on a hot summer day.

Both new treats only come in one size, so you can satisfy your ice cream cravings without being tempted to supersize this twist on a sundae. We’re not sure how long both treats will be available at Dairy Queen, so you might want to try them sooner rather than later, but with prime ice cream season upon us, we’re sure squeezing in a trip to DQ won’t be too tricky.

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