Tater tots lower-calorie cousin is Costco's latest must-have product.

Love tater tots, but not all the carbs and calories that come along with them? Then you're like many Costco shoppers who are snagging bag upon bag of the latest veggie substitute off Costo shelves: Maas River Farms Organic Cauli-Tots.

Joining Green Giant in the cauliflower-all-the-things trend (see: cauliflower pizza crust, riced cauliflower stuffing), Maas River Farms recently added their 3-pound bags of veggie tots to their line-up at Costco. They're created with organically-grown cauliflower that's chopped and pressed into a nugget shape.

Fans on social media are raving about the low cost—$9.69 per bag, or about 61 cents per serving—their 20-calorie-a-piece nutrition, and their flavor.

Click the right arrow on the image below to see what they look like fresh out of the toaster oven.

The Cauli-Tots bag includes instructions about how to roast in the oven or deep fry (although the latter certainly impacts that 140-calorie level).

While Costco's cauliflower tots are a lighter swap for standard tater tots, they're not gluten-free since wheat flour and wheat gluten are both on the ingredient list. They're also not quite low-carb enough to be keto diet-friendly...unless you want to spend all of your carbs for the day on a handful of tots.

But if your 2019 resolution is to sneak more vegetables into your family's meal plan, these fan-favorite tots sound like a delicious and budget-friendly addition to the menu. Especially when you stack 'em on top of a Tuna-Tot Casserole.

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    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    February 5, 2019
    I love cauliflower. I love tater tots. These are disgusting. Truly taste awful. I don't understand why all these articles written raving about them. My Costco wasn't selling out. Fooducate gives them a C-, so they are not healthy, either. Fake healthy.