The classic Halloween candy got five brand-new flavor updates in 2019. Find out which of the harvest we voted cream of the (candy corn) crop.

By Rachel Wermager
October 14, 2019

Candy corn has its loyalists. Even if you're on team "worst Halloween candy ever," it's tough to pass up the addictive "fall mix," a candy-corn-and-peanuts combo that's the ideal mix of salty and sweet. This year, however, Brach’s switched things up, releasing five new flavors—confections that purists could argue aren't even the same family as the original. (At what point can a triangle-shape, fruit-flavor gummy still be considered candy corn?) Regardless of semantics, our team got a hold of all five flavors for a taste test and ranked them from best to worst. 

Courtesy of Brach's


Earning our top spot is Brach’s mixture of mini candy corn pieces with chocolate-covered peanuts. None of the other flavors really had a chance against this salty-sweet contender that was reminiscent of fall mix but with the unexpected, yet very welcome, milk chocolate addition.

Courtesy of Brach's


Possibly the most inventive new flavor are these gummies in cherry-lemon, strawberry-grape, and orange-lime. They're chewy, not waxy like the original, and have a sweet-and-sour fruit flavor. Candy corn purists may pass on these, but sour candy fans should add them to their shopping carts ASAP.

Courtesy of Brach's


Our staff will try almost anything pumpkin flavoredtortilla chips, pumpkin bars (obviously), pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin cream cheese spread, the list goes on and on. So imagine our excitement when this bag of pumpkin pie candy corn arrived. The spiced flavor is strong with lots of ginger and cinnamon notes. Although the shape and colors are similar to the original, the bold spices completely transform the flavor profile.

Courtesy of Brach's


This eye-catching bag (mmm, donuts) contains exactly what you expect from the name: candy corn flavored like donuts. Each candy has two colors (versus the traditional three) indicating its donut flavor—strawberry glazed, chocolate glazed, or original glazed. Warning, these are very, very sweet—so much so, this variety landed second-to-last on our staff's list.

Courtesy of Brach's


Starfish, shells, and mermaids fill this bag. While the texture of all these candies is similar to the original candy corn, the flavors are all fruity—strawberry, lemon, green apple, grape, raspberry, and orange. While our staff didn’t love this variety, we think they'd be a hit with kids for their sweet flavors and adorable shapes.

Whether you're on team candy corn or not, these new creations are worth a try. Look for all of the new flavors at your local drugstores and grocery stores now.


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