Cooking out this summer is about to get way easier (and better for the environment!).

By Andrea Beck
Updated: March 07, 2019

Most of us do our best to make eco-friendly choices, like bringing reusable shopping bags to the grocery store or using reusable straws and water bottles, but sometimes the convenience of disposable plastic wins out. It definitely helps when companies do their best to make eco-friendly products available and easy to use, like the recent commitment from Walmart and Sam’s Club to make their plastic bags recyclable by 2025. But now, easy-to-use eco-friendly products are making their way into the grilling world with the new CasusGrill.

Image courtesy of CasusGrill USA

Made from cardboard, bamboo, and lava stone, the CasusGrill is completely biodegradable and easy to dispose of. It’s made for a single use, and when you’re done grilling, you can toss it in the trash, bury it, throw it in your campfire—whichever is easiest for you. According to the company, the entire grill will biodegrade within six months, except for the lava stone, which is already a natural material.

Buy ItSingle CasusGrill, $14.95

Image courtesy of CasusGrill USA
Image courtesy of CasusGrill USA

Since it’s only made for one-time use, it’s not a perfect replacement for your backyard grill, but its $15 price tag does make it super affordable for camping trips or anyone who only grills out occasionally. You won’t have to make one burger at a time, either. According to the company, its sized to cook enough food for four adults at a time. With the light of a match, the CasusGrill can heat up to 600°F in just a few minutes and will stay hot for about an hour, which is plenty of time to cook meat, fish, veggies, fruit, or any of your other favorite grilling recipes.

Image courtesy of CasusGrill USA

Designed by a Danish couple, the CasusGrill has already won awards in Denmark for its simplicity and design. And aside from its convenience, it’s also better for the environment than a traditional grill. The biodegradable packaging is an obvious plus, but it also produces 50 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than conventional grills.

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Right now, the grill is available to purchase online, and also sold at outdoors retailers like Ace Hardware, Academy Sports, The Grommet, and Huckberry. It comes in a flat package and only weighs two pounds, so it’ll still be easy to pack for your next camping trip. And when you use it, you’ll be able to just grill your meal and eat—no clean-up, no packing up, and no harm to the environment!

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