In classic Aldi fashion, it’s all less than $20, too!

By Andrea Beck

Thanks to Aldi, April showers are going to bring spring flowers a little earlier than usual this year. Three new pieces of cookware with a gorgeous floral pattern will be available soon as part of their Aldi Finds for April. If you’re looking for a new stockpot, casserole dish, or teakettle to add some spring flair to your kitchen, start scouring the shelves at your local Aldi on April 17 while you're picking up some of their other new products—that’s when the cookware will hit stores nationwide. And, of course, since this Aldi, you’ll be able to add each one to your kitchen for less than $20.

Image courtesy of Aldi.


We’ll definitely be on the lookout for all three, we can’t help but fall in love with their beautiful floral stockpot. We can already see ourselves stirring together a spring soup and boiling a few fresh ears of sweet corn with this pot on our stoves. It’s a 12-quart pot, so you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of room, and it’s made of porcelain enamel. But probably the best part is that you’ll be able to find it for just $19.99.

Image courtesy of Aldi.


You can also brighten up your morning tea with a new floral-patterned teakettle. And while the floral patterns make it perfect for spring, you could easily pull it out in the dead of winter too and bring a little piece of spring back to your kitchen. Like the stockpot, it’s also made of porcelain, and will sell for $19.99.

Image courtesy of Aldi.

Casserole Dish

Finally, if you’ve got a spring potluck coming up, make sure you have this floral casserole dish to bring along (just be prepared for everyone to ask you where you got it). Your favorite casseroles, cobblers, and spring side dishes will all look even more festive when you’re scooping them out of this porcelain enamel dish. You’ll be able to get it for a bargain, too—it’s going to be on sale at Aldi for just $14.99.

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If you want to add any of these floral pieces to your kitchen, you’ll have to act fast. Since they’re part of the list of Aldi Finds for April, they’ll come out on Wednesday, April 17 and only be available for a limited time. That means when they’re gone, they’re gone, and it’s unlikely that your store will be getting more in stock. So mark your calendars for April 17, and plan an early-morning Aldi trip!

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