Head to one of these three shops for free breakfast on January 15.

By Katlyn Moncada
January 14, 2020

National Bagel Day has a brand new date and bagel shops all over the country are helping us honor the occasion on January 15. Up until now, bagels had to share their day with National Pizza Day on February 9 (in case you didn't know there are many official days to celebrate food). It hardly seemed fair to make carb lovers choose between pizza and bagels, so we're glad to know they finally have independence from each other. To celebrate the carb-loaded day, here are the spots we found that have the best deals for the launch of the new National Bagel Day.

Bruegger's Bagels

Grab a free New York-style bagel with cream cheese with any purchase from Bruegger's on January 15. The chain is adding an extra incentive to its Inner Circle rewards participants, too. Members who check-in on National Bagel Day will be eligible to win free bagels and cream cheese for a year. So if you aren't already a member of the chain's rewards program, now is a great time to join.

Courtesy of Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Head to your local Einstein Bros. shop (locations within hotels, hospitals, airports, colleges, or military bases don't count) anytime on January 15 to score your favorite bagel and shmear with any purchase for free. But wait, there's more. Along with your own free bagel, the company wants you to share the bagel love. When you visit Einstein Bros. Bagels on National Bagel Day you'll get a coupon for a free bagel and shmear to "pay-(a bagel)-forward" to a friend during their next visit to the shop.

Thomas' Bagels

The country's largest grocery store bagel producer is using National Bagel Day as a way to kick off its 140th anniversary. Thomas' Bagels is sending street teams to give away free bagels at pop-up events in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Philadelphia. If you live in one of these cities, make sure to bite carefully. One bagel in each city will include a hidden orange ticket that will win you a smartwatch or a grand prize of $2,500 in groceries.

Since bagels are such a convenient way to start the day, consider hosting an entire brunch party at the office dedicated to our favorite breakfast bread. Or turn it into a hearty meal by combining it with lox and eggs. We have a feeling this is going to be a holiday that makes it on your personal calendar year after year.



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