The series aims to turn homes from "dark places into healthy spaces."

By Jennifer Aldrich
September 18, 2019

With October 31 approaching, you might be planning a visit to a haunted house—but would you ever consider living in one? A new series called Murder House Flip will showcase homeowners looking to turn a former crime scene into a delightful dwelling.

Credit: Chuck Ortego/Getty Images

Yes, the renovation show will really feature spaces where murders actually occurred. The owners will enlist the expertise of a "colorful cast of forensic specialists, spiritual healers, and high-end renovation experts [who will] uncover the crimes, shocking secrets, and scandalous history of the homes," according to a news release reported by TODAY.

The masterminds behind this spine-chilling series certainly know a thing or two about scary settings. CSI producer Josh Berman, Penny Dreadful producer Chris King, and author Katherine Ramsland, who mostly writes about crime, forensic science, and the supernatural, are working together on the Fixer Upper-esque show. "Murder House Flip combines home renovations with the intriguing elements of a true-crime series. Bringing healing and solace to families living in the aftermath of tragic events by transforming dark places into healthy spaces," Berman told Deadline.

The series will be shown on Quibi, a new streaming service that launches April 2020. Another interesting tidbit about the project (besides the entire premise, of course) is that each episode is expected to be no longer than 10 minutes, according to TODAY. So you can fit in an episode or two basically any time of day!

Although a premiere date has yet to be announced, Elyse Seder, SVP of alternative and syndicated programming for Sony Pictures Television, seems confident there is a certain type of audience that is eager to tune into this endeavor. "We are thrilled to bring this one-of-a-kind series to life and dive into a world that combines America’s two biggest TV obsessions: true crime and home renovation," Seder said in a press release.

Even if you're just a tiny bit intrigued, thanks to the show's super short episodes, you can watch just one or two installments to give it a try before you binge for an entire weekend.


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