Most Stuf Oreos Are Here, And They Have a Ridiculous Amount of Creme

This is definitely Oreo's biggest cookie ever!

Double Stuf Oreos are a classic (better than the originals, if you ask us), Mega Stuf Oreos are delicious, but Oreo has once again outdone itself. Most Stuf Oreos hit shelves this week, and they're easily the most over-the-top cookies Nabisco has ever come up with.

Packaging for Most Stuf Oreos
Image courtesy of Walmart.

The new limited edition Oreos have the most filling ever sandwiched between the two classic chocolate cookies. We’re not sure exactly how much stuff the new Most Stuf Oreos have, but just based on pictures, it looks like there’s at least twice as much cream as a Double Stuf Oreo.

The cookies are a must-try for frosting fans everywhere. Most Stuf Oreos are listed on Target’s website and Walmart’s website, though neither one has them available for online ordering. You’ll have to hunt them down in stores instead. Several users on Instagram have also found them at their local Rite Aid, so if you’re desperate to get your hands on a package, that might also be worth a trip.

Unfortunately, like a lot of Oreo’s popular flavors in the past (including their Valentine’s Day Love Oreos), these insanely huge cookies are limited edition. We’re not sure exactly how long they’ll be available for, so if you want to try them, you’d better start looking now. Fingers crossed they earn a permanent place on shelves next to the Mega Stuf Oreos!

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