For football fans, the arrival of tailgating season is one of the best parts of the year. To help you celebrate, we put together our most popular gameday eats from Pinterest.

By Andrea Beck
September 06, 2019

Tailgating season is back! The start of weekend football games at all levels (professional, college, high school, and youth) means it’s time to bring back your favorite gameday foods. For the best of the best snacks this football season, we turned to Pinterest to find out which tailgate foods our readers have been most loving. We narrowed it down to the top seven most-pinned, and we have to say, they are no wrong choices in this snack-centric draft.

7. Potluck Side Dishes

Tailgating is all about sharing your favorite snacks with your fellow fans. Pack enough for the whole cheering section by choosing one of these potluck-ready sides. Potato salad, chips and guac, and even a few healthy veggie choices are all included on our list, so you’ll surely be able to find something to pair with your burgers, hot dogs, and brats.

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6. Perfect Burgers

The only surprise with this pick is that it’s not number one. We think knowing how to grill the perfect burger is essential for any tailgate or gameday party, and our fans on Pinterest agree. Follow our tips—like adding a dimple to the center of your burger patties—for the juiciest, tastiest burgers worthy of a touchdown celebration.

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5. Pitcher Cocktails

Beer may be popular in the stadium, but these pitcher cocktails are our most popular tailgating drinks. Part of their appeal might come from the variety we’ve put together—these pitcher drinks can easily take you from the last days of summer when you’re craving a cooling vodka lemonade, to the final days of football in the early winter when you want a spiced sangria.

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4. Blueberry and Mascarpone-Stuffed French Toast Casserole

Kick-off scheduled for noon? Leave the hot dogs at home and have a brunch-themed tailgate! This French toast casserole recipe is decadent enough that no one at your morning tailgate will miss food from the grill. Crusty French bread is a must, and a mix of powdered sugar, mascarpone cheese, and blueberries makes the best creamy, fruity filling.

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Andy Lyons

3. Herbed Cheese Mini Peppers

These creamy stuffed peppers are a good substitute for jalapeño poppers when you’re tailgating because you don’t have to bake them. Mini sweet peppers are easy to grab and eat out of hand, and including diced jalapeño peppers in the cream cheese filling gives them some kick. Plus, if your favorite team wears red, orange, or yellow, they become an extra festive appetizer.

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2. Pull-Apart Piggy Bread

Part of the fun of tailgating is sampling different snacks, so this pull-apart bread serves two different purposes. It makes 24 servings, meaning it’s easily shared, and since each piece is almost bite-size, it’s a tasty way to satisfy your hot dog craving without filling you up so you can grab a burger, too. Wrap up pickles and cheese slices with each hot dog bite, and it’s just like enjoying a loaded hot dog on a bun.

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1. Pretzel Skillet

Here it is, our most-pinned tailgate recipe! All it takes is one look at this pull-apart pretzel to see why it’s so popular. A ring of golden-brown pretzel bites surrounds ooey-gooey beer-cheese dip. Our recipe makes 16 servings, but if you’re tailgating with a crowd, you might want to bring two. After dunking one pretzel bite in the cheesy dip, it’s impossible not to go back for a second one.

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Put on your favorite jersey and start planning your tailgate party now! Or, if you’d rather host a gameday party from your living room, we’ve got plenty of other super-delish snacks and football-themed foods you can serve your fellow fans.



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