Considering a move with your pet? See which cities made the list!

By Dan Nosowitz
April 11, 2019

We choose to live in different cities based on all kinds of criteria: cost of living, job availability, school districts, weather patterns, and more. Dogs don’t get too much of a say in that decision, but they have their own demands for a happy moving experience, too.

Various angles of a Saint Bernard Puppy
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Redfin, a real-estate broker, and Rover, a network of dog-walkers and -sitters, put their minds together to come up with a list of the country’s best cities for dogs. Rover measured the proportion of dog walkers and dog sitters, along with the highest number and duration of walks. Redfin added in their own walkability score, along with the percentage of home listings that have the keyword “dog” in them.

That keyword search isn’t necessarily the most reliable figure; a search on Redfin for “dog” turned up apartments with phrases like, “Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted” and “No dogs allowed.” Other calculations of the country’s most dog-friendly cities include number of sunny days, number of dog-friendly restaurants, number of dog parks, and other figures, but many of the same cities keep popping up.

Among the most dog-friendly cities are a few in the West: Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco. The city with the most dog parks per 100,000 people? Portland, Oregon, a city where you’re never far from a dog. You might be surprised to see New York City pop up on this list too: as the most walkable city in the country, along with a high proportion of dog-friendly parks and businesses, it’s no surprise that New York has roughly one dog for every 20 people.

Chicago makes most lists too, as a very walkable city that somehow stays affordable, allowing Chicagoans the ability to get a larger apartment or one with outdoor space. You can check out Redfin/Rover’s list here, or find a more weather-focused list here.

Wherever your next chapter takes you, you and your furry companion will be in good company—particularly if you're headed out West!


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