The out-of-this-world variety comes from the same grower as Cotton Candy grapes.

By Andrea Beck
October 04, 2019

We keep our eyes peeled for Cotton Candy grapes every year (though they’re in season in August and September, sometimes you can spot them a little early). However, those super sweet, candy-like grapes aren’t the only ones you should have on your grocery list. Moon Drop grapes are starting to land in stores now, and they’re a must-try if you love regular and Cotton Candy grapes. Don't expect them to look just like Cotton Candy grapes though, or even the other grapes you're familiar with buying at the store. Moon Drops got their name from their one-of-a-kind shape, which truly defies gravity.

Credit: tang90246/Getty Images

Moon Drop grapes actually come from the same grower as Cotton Candy grapes: The Grapery, a California-based vineyard that’s known for producing highly sought-after grape varieties. Cotton Candy grapes are probably the biggest hit to come out of The Grapery so far, but they also produce varieties like Gum Drop grapes, Tear Drop grapes, and, of course, Moon Drop Grapes.

Unlike Cotton Candy grapes which look like your usual grapes, one of the biggest draws of Moon Drop grapes is their unusual shape. They’re dark purple and have a long, cylindrical body that makes them look almost like tiny eggplants. You’ll also see them called Sweet Black Sapphire grapes sometimes because of their deep coloring. Though their unique shape might lead you to believe otherwise, Moon Drops taste pretty similar to regular grapes—juicy, sweet, and delicious (they’re seedless, too!). Their unmistakable appearance also makes them a striking addition to a charcuterie or fruit plate.

Credit: Courtesy of The Grapery

According to The Grapery, Moon Drop grapes are generally available from late August through mid-November, though we usually start seeing them in stores in early October. The Grapery sends some of their grape varieties nationwide to stores like Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and local grocery chains like Hy-Vee. So far, we’ve spotted Moon Drops at our local Sam’s Club, so you might want to start your search there.

If you're curious how all these unique varieties of grapes are created, we learned The Grapery has developed its own proprietary methods of fertilizing, irrigating, and training grape vines so they’ll be exposed to more sunlight and fresh air than most other grapes you’ll find at grocery stores. All that extra care results in some of the best tasting grapes you can find.

Head out and start your search now! The Grapery has a list of retailers by state that carry their grapes to help you in your search, though you can’t narrow it down to search for just Moon Drops. Still, this gorgeous grape is distinctive enough that you should have no trouble spotting it as you’re cruising through the produce section.


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