Get Lost In These Mesmerizing Cake Decorating Videos That Look as Good as They Taste

With time to spare, I decided to watch some amazing videos of buttercream piping techniques. Best decision ever.

Finishing week three of hanging out indoors nonstop, I spend my non-working hours baking everything with what I've got left in my pantry, whipping coffee, and refining my crocheting techniques for a bit of calm. As a self-proclaimed wannabe chef, I already enjoy watching chefs do home demonstrations and bakers create lavish cakes. But there's something extra satisfying to me lately about watching videos of cakes getting decorated. A closeup of a hand slowly piping buttercream swirls. The sides of a cake becoming perfectly smooth with a bench scraper. Layers of cake and pink frosting turning into a flamingo. I just can't seem to get enough of these videos. And while it may seem strange, the piping techniques and artistic pastry creations I watch oddly seem to keep me feeling a sense of calm in the midst of what's going on in the world. Here are some of the videos I can't stop watching. Prepare to be mesmerized, inspired, and (sorry!) hungry.

Colorful Dragon

Mandy Merriman of @bakingwithblondie wants to know if you see a fish, dragon, or a peacock here. This cake gives me dragon vibes with a hint of Lisa Frank in the best way possible. Just seeing that gentle pedal technique go into the frosting makes me feel better.

Rainbow Connection

A simple buttercream rope around the top of a cake is even better when paired with relaxing background music. Sophie Coates of @sugarcoatesbakery demonstrates pipes a rainbow border (her piping bag filling process is also amazing) for 40 seconds of bliss. It only keeps getting better watching on repeat.

Pretty in Pink

Spoiler alert (if you haven't already watched this video): This pink cake turns into a flamingo. The pink frosting gets layered on while Lindsay Arathoon of @theflourgirl adds fun touches of glitter before adding pink feathers she made from rice paper to the top.

Floral Beauty

The color combination Tara Wilkinson of @lovliecakes uses in this cake video is exactly what I would choose in my next birthday cake. Seeing those smooth lines of frosting accompanied by expertly-crafted flowers makes me wish I had a slice of this right now.

Watercolor Magic

Wilton isn't only for providing cake baking supplies like frosting tips and baking pans, they have an amazing Instagram feed with cake videos to keep you occupied for hours. I'm particularly fond of this one because it looks like blobs of frosting are randomly dropped onto a cake and then (like magic) the bench scraper comes in and the cake turns into a Monet-like painting. This one didn't even use a piping bag, so I may be trying this technique out on the next yellow cake I bake.

Heading to your kitchen yet? I know I am. Get started on your next therapy baking session and buy a baking kit online. Then you can show off your creation at your next virtual happy hour.

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