The decluttering queen is working on her next big project. See her book announcement and learn how you can preorder your copies.

By Hannah Bruneman
May 20, 2019

Full disclosure: We could really use more Marie Kondo in our homes. After her mega-hit Netflix show, we swept every room of our house, ridding it of anything that didn’t spark joy. It created peace and order for a few months, but we've since filled empty drawers with more trinkets and clothes. We're ready to jump back into tidying that would make Marie proud—just in time for spring cleaning.

Marie, we need you back in our lives! When she first made a splash in the homemaking world, Marie showed us how to thank each old book, piece of art, or vase we once loved but no longer need. She also taught us how to stand up to the mountain of clothing in our closets once and for all. Her decluttering tips formed the KonMari method, and it spread all over the world. On her Netflix show, she visited families in their homes to give them a personal rundown of her method, and we watched as lives and relationships were impacted in a life-changing, positive way.

Answering our calls, Marie Kondo announced some big news on Friday. She is working on a book deal that will give us not one, but two new books! This is welcome news to fans who have already rewatched her Netflix show multiple times, as they'll hopefully gain more organizational expertise. She made the announcement in a vague Instagram post, teasing her fans with more information to come soon. In true Marie fashion, she looked cute as a button while doing it, too.

We’re hoping the new books offer a little forgiveness to fans who fell off the tidying up wagon. This is just what we needed to hear to get us back in the decluttering zone. No additional information has been disclosed, so it looks like Marie is keeping her lips zipped shut for now.

Original Marie Kondo fans know that her organizational advice first came with her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which launched years before her Netflix show. She also had another hit book, Spark Joy, which dove deeper into her signature KonMari Method. If these next two books follow suit, they’re going to change the home organizing game.

As mentioned in Marie’s Instagram post, fans will be able to preorder the books. To be in the know, subscribe to the KonMari newsletter. In the meantime, we’ll be spending more time with things that spark joy and getting rid of everything else.



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