Get outside while leaves are still stunning—you'll need them for this social media challenge. Make your own Instagram-worthy leaf stack, and grab some friends to join!

By Jenny Krane
Plant Stack Challenge image from Instagram user @bakercreekseeds
Baker Creek's #leafstackchallenge has almost 3,000 likes on Instagram, making it the most popular post of the challenge so far. Image courtesy of Michelle Johnson/ Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

The gardening podcast Plantrama has a fall challenge for you. In a September episode, they introduced the leaf stack challenge: The idea is to collect leaves from your yard or neighborhood to create a stunning stacked arrangement with them. Then, post a photo of your colorful creation on social media with the hashtag #leafstackchallenge.

Select leaves of different shapes and sizes so they can all be seen when layered on top of each other. You can use foliage from one type of plant to create a flush of leaves or collect a variety of shapes and colors for a more diverse leaf stack.

Plantrama gave easy instructions on how to take on the challenge, along with theme ideas. Whether you're a master forager or just like to admire the fallen leaves on your walk to mailbox, you can successfully take this Instagram challenge.

Popular plant brand Proven Winners joined the hype and created their own leaf stack. It features so many vibrant colors—purple, chartreuse, green, and even speckles of pink, red and white.

Use the hashtag #leafstackchallenge and tag Plantrama on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to join the simple yet stunning challenge. And tag your friends to keep the challenge going!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds created a dazzling display of almost-black 'Myanmar Purple' sweet potato vine leaves. Hot pink celosia and vines from a snake gourd add a delicate pop of color without distracting from the foliage.

We love @indygardener's take on the leaf stack challenge, which features various sizes and color variations of hosta leaves. This hardy perennial looks lovely all year long.

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December 29, 2018
Beautiful and inspiring!