You won’t be able to get conversation hearts this year, so Krispy Kreme made donuts instead.

By Emily VanSchmus
January 25, 2019

If you haven’t heard, SweetHeart’s Conversation Hearts won’t be available this year. This will be our first Valentine’s Day since 1866 without the classic candy, but Krispy Kreme is saving the holiday with their own version of conversation hearts—in donut form.

Image courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Starting January 30, Krispy Kreme will be serving their all-new heart-shaped donuts in honor of Valentine’s Day. The donuts are topped with pastel icing in the classic pink, green yellow and lavender shades we’re used to seeing on the heart-shaped candies. They’re topped with a piped white heart and the classic phrases like ‘CRAZY 4 U’ and ‘BE MINE,’ along with phrases that will appeal to younger audiences, like ‘DM ME’ and ‘ALL THE FEELS.’

Image courtesy of Krispy Kreme

The donuts don’t just look festive. They'll feature four flavors of Krispy Kreme’s classic fillings: Cake Batter, Strawberries & KREME, Raspberry, and Chocolate. You can bet we’ll be trying all four flavors as soon as they’re available! The Valentine’s Day promotion comes just as Krispy Kreme is finishing another product debut. Earlier this month, they released four new chocolate-flavored donuts—and you still have a few days to get your hands on them!

The heart-shaped donuts will be available from January 30 through February 14, and if you’re a Krispy Kreme rewards member you can score one for free with any purchase on Wednesday, February 6! Get a free donut with your daily iced latte, or buy one flavor of heart-shaped donut and try another for free. Forget flowers, we want donuts for Valentine’s Day this year.

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January 25, 2019
I don't have a comment, rather a question ... does anyone know if these will be available in supermarkets or just Krispy Kreme locations?