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By Andrea Beck
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KitchenAid mixers are easily one of our favorite kitchen appliances because they’re super handy, and stylish too. Once you start collecting extra attachments, there isn’t much this countertop appliance can’t do. These accessories will help you get the most out of your stand mixer, and make your baking life easier, too.

White KitchenAid mixer bowl with blue watercolor flowers
Images courtesy of KitchenAid

1. Patterned Mixing Bowls

You already know that you can customize your KitchenAid mixer with a variety of gorgeous colors. But it’s easier (and cheaper) to swap out your mixing bowl when you want to give your mixer a whole new look. Add a pop of color to your kitchen with this pretty watercolor floral bowl. You can also find bowls in other prints, patterns, solid colors, and textures, so no matter how you want to customize your bowl, KitchenAid probably has an option that comes pretty close.

KitchenAid beater with black rubber edge
Image courtesy of KitchenAid

2. Flex Edge Beater

We’re not saying you should toss all your rubber spatulas, but they’ll definitely see less use if you invest in this beater with a flexible outer edge. This handy attachment will scrape the bowl for you, making sure all your ingredients are mixed properly. It’s especially useful for doughs and frostings that tend to get stuck to the side.

KitchenAid Mixer with spiralizer attachment
Image courtesy of KitchenAid

3. Spiralizer Attachment

You don’t need to buy a separate spiralizer for your zucchini noodles if you have a stand mixer. This handy attachment can also peel and core fruits and veggies, making recipes like apple pie and mashed potatoes a lot speedier. And if you prefer a different shape for your zoodles, you can also buy blade sets that will make string-thin noodles or wider ribbons.

Red KitchenAid mixer cloth cover
Image courtesy of KitchenAid

4. Cloth Cover

If you want to keep your mixer squeaky clean when you’re not using it, this cloth cover can help protect it from dust and other food splatters. It comes in three colors—red, black, and khaki—so you can choose the one that matches the rest of your kitchen the best. It also has a few handy pockets for storing cookbooks and keeping all of your attachments in one spot.

Two white KitchenAid mixing bowl lids
Image courtesy of KitchenAid

5. Bowl Covers

Make saving extra cookie dough even easier with these non-sealing mixer bowl covers. Instead of dirtying another dish just to chill your dough for a few hours, pop a lid on your mixing bowl and send it straight to the fridge. Like their mixing bowls, these lids are also dishwasher safe, so clean-up afterward will be a breeze.


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