The signature Kit Kat wafer is covered in mint crème on top and dark chocolate on the bottom.

By Ana Calderone
April 24, 2019
kit kat mint chocolate flavor
Credit: courtesy of Kit Kat.

If you’ve ever been to Japan, then you know that they are light years ahead of the U.S. when it comes to cool Kit Kat flavors. Well, the company just announced a major move that may be a step towards changing that.

On Wednesday, Hershey unveiled the first new, permanent flavor in nearly a decade: Mint Dark Chocolate. The crunchy candy, named Kit Kat Duos, comes with their signature wafer covered in mint crème on top and dark chocolate on the bottom.

Though rumors started swirling of the new flavor on candy Instagram accounts earlier this month, it’ll be a bit of a wait before you can get your hands on them—the bars hits stores in December.

kit kat mint chocolate flavor, packaging
Image courtesy of Kit Kat.

Mint dark chocolate might not seem as adventurous as the Japanese selection (they sell everything from matcha to sake to strawberry cheesecake Kit Kats), but the U.S. could be aiming to catch up. A representative for the company told PEOPLE that they were “just getting started” when it comes to news surrounding the brand.

Before now, the only choices to pick from were milk, dark, or white chocolate Kit Kats, and the occasional limited-edition flavor like red velvet for Valentine’s Day.


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