Just because you have kids doesn’t mean your home needs to turn into one giant playroom. Learn how to make your home a place that both you and your children love.

By Hannah Bruneman
May 29, 2019

Full disclosure: we are totally guilty of decorating our home with items found in the kid aisle. There are some seriously cute storage solutions and artwork nowadays that blend seamlessly with our existing decor. So why limit those products to just a kid's bedroom?

Instead of making kids live within white walls, incorporate a few kid-friendly features into your home that you'll both love. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style, and some can even make your home feel more inviting. Check out a few of our kid-approved designs, below.

Hallway Wall Decor

So you have a mini Picasso on your hands. Make them feel loved and validated by adding their masterpieces to your gallery wall. Framed finger-paint art looks surprisingly similar to abstract art, and hand-drawn family portraits give your home that personal touch.

Playroom Decor

Although theme rooms can be fun, running too far with one can set you up for a remodel in the future when your astronaut-in-training decides she wants to be an artist. Instead, incorporate your child’s interests in small doses and use more neutral themes that can grow with them. For example, a little girl who loves tea parties would feel right at home with a floral accent wall. As she gets older, swap out the stuffed animals and toddler furniture with classic staples.

Craft Room Ideas

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom, consider turning it into a craft room. You can use it as a space to sew or sketch, and the kids can get creative, too. In this room, an old dining room was repurposed as a spot for art and homework. Clothespins on a wire let you easily swap in new creations.

Home Office Furniture

A home office probably isn’t the best space to let your toddler run free, but soon enough that baby will be in grade school and have a pile of homework every night. Give them a small desk in your office where they can feel comfortable to work alongside mom or dad. Bonus: Paint the walls with chalkboard paint. When wiped clean, it looks neat and professional, but when they need more workspace for long division, they can take to the walls.

Kitchen Breakfast Nook

Few places in your home hold as many cherished memories as the family dinner table. Make it more inviting by installing a cozy banquette bench. Make sure it’s high enough for the kids to sit tall at the table. With extra seating, they’ll feel comfortable inviting friends over to share a meal with the family or sitting down for a snack and some homework.

Living Room Decor

Let your kids get involved in decorating your living room with low-commitment temporary wallpaper or decals. Let them pick a favorite color or pattern, then collaborate by creating an accent wall. Something like this can spark creativity for both you and your kids.



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