Hop aside, chocolate Easter bunnies!

By Andrea Beck
Updated February 20, 2020
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With one trip to the grocery store, your Easter meal can be even more festive this year, and we’re not talking about a fancy centerpiece. All you need to dress up your table for Easter brunch or dinner is this adorable bunny-shape butter sculpture. Perfect for spreading on dinner rolls or adding richness to your mashed potatoes, this cute bunny guarantees that even your butter will look stylish for the holiday.

Courtesy of Keller's Creamery

Each bunny butter sculpture is crafted from about a half cup of salted butter (which evens out to 8 tablespoons per bunny), so if you’re planning to host a crowd this Easter, you might want to pick up two. After all, a regular stick of butter just won’t compare after your guests spot this super-cute substitute on the table.

Keller’s Creamery, the company behind the bunny-shape butter, makes a few different butter sculptures for holidays throughout the year. In addition to their adorable Easter bunny, they also make Christmas tree and Thanksgiving turkey butter sculptures (so make a note for the holiday season, if you haven't tried them already).

Even though it's made out of butter, this sculpture spares no detail. A fluffy cottontail and a cute button nose both make this bunny almost too lovable to use. You can even see individual toes on each rabbit’s foot, so it’s just as detailed as your typical chocolate bunny, if not more so.

To add this endearing creation to your table, be on the lookout in stores in March and April, when Keller's Creamery says it'll start hopping onto shelves. Stores like Publix, Harris Teeter, and Walmart have stocked these butter sculptures in the past, so you might want to start there. If you manage to snag one for your Easter feast, try setting it out on the counter a few hours before your guests arrive so it has time to reach the perfect spreading consistency.


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