Hop aside, chocolate Easter bunnies!

By Andrea Beck
January 15, 2019

Your Easter meal can be even more festive this year, and we’re not talking about a fancy centerpiece. All you need to dress up your table for Easter brunch or dinner is this adorable bunny-shaped butter sculpture.

Image courtesy of Keller's Creamery

Keller’s Creamery, the company behind the bunny-shape butter, makes a few different butter sculptures for holidays throughout the year. In addition to their cute Easter bunny, they also make Christmas tree and Thanksgiving turkey butter sculptures (so make a note for the holiday season).

The sculpture is more detailed than you might think, too. In addition to larger details, like bunny ears, it also has smaller ones, like a fluffy cottontail and a cute button nose. You can even see individual toes on each rabbit’s foot, so it’s just as detailed as your typical chocolate bunny (if not more so).

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The bunny butter sculpture is made from about a half cup of salted butter (8 servings per bunny), so if you’re planning to host a crowd this Easter, you might want to pick up two. After all, a regular stick of butter just won’t compare after your guests have the chance to smear some of this bunny-shaped butter on their dinner rolls.

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To add this cute creation to your table, be on the lookout in stores in March and April. It looks like Walmart has had the turkey-shaped butter sculptures in the past, so you might want to start there. And while Keller’s doesn’t list a price for their bunny-shape butter, expect to pay a little more than you normally would for a stick or two of butter—you’re paying for butter art, after all.



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