They're basically pieced-together artwork.

By Jennifer Aldrich
December 19, 2019
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Jigsaw puzzles were initially invented for kids, but they're definitely not just for children. Adult puzzles first came around in the early 1900s, according to Puzzle Warehouse, and more than 100 years later, grown-ups still enjoy fitting pieces together. "In a world of screens, puzzles offer a way to put aside your phone, slow down, and connect with friends and family," says Caitlin Sole, home editor at We've even heard the buzz around puzzle parties, where people gather to put together multiple puzzles in one sitting.

Along with being a way to unplug and have fun with friends, solving puzzles could actually be good for your brain. Researchers at Ulm University in Germany found that life-long puzzling could delay neurocognitive disorders in older age. To encourage you to reap all the benefits of putting together puzzles, we've found five options that are a joy to piece together and are beautiful once completed.

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Houseplant Collection

This top-rated puzzle features 51 bright and beautiful houseplants that appear to grow in harmony. It's 1,000 pieces and measures 20x27 inches once it's put together. Even if you're not the best plant parent, you can take care of these greens.

Buy It: Houseplant Jungle, $15.25, Amazon

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Rainbow Gradient

Here's a puzzle so pretty, you'll want to display it long after it's complete. Although this option is only 326 pieces, the seamless multi-colored gradient is challenging to piece together (we recommend phoning a few friends and making an evening out of it). The handmade design is crafted from basswood and birch wood, so it's extra durable and long-lasting. Once finished, it's 11x16 inches.

Buy It: Joyful Rainbow, $90, Amazon

Courtesy of Walmart

Larger-Than-Life Succulents

It's no secret we love succulents (especially the mini ones!), so of course, we're all about this design. This product is like two puzzles in one because of its two sides: One that's glossy and another that's matte with different images. Once the 500 pieces are assembled, the item is 24x18 inches.

Buy It: Succulent Garden, $18.20, Walmart

Courtesy of South Moon Under

Bag of Fries

Foodies will be thrilled with this edible-looking option. The 70-piece puzzle takes about 20 minutes to finish, so it's ideal for beginners. (Or for those who want to complete it with their kids.) The finished product is just 8x8 inches so you won't need a large workspace.

Buy It: French Fries, $15, South Moon Under

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Geometric Design

Frank Lloyd Wright's designs are architectural gems, but this puzzle is an affordable way to have his work in your home. This 1,000-piece product measures 20x27 inches once completed. The gold parts of the puzzle are foil-stamped and really make the pieces shine.

Buy It: Frank Lloyd Wright Saguaro Cactus and Forms, $19.48, Amazon



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