Ikea's New Buy-Back Program Lets You Resell Your Old Furniture for Store Credit

Plus, learn how to score some secondhand treasures at a steep discount.

Ikea is a go-to source for redecorating, but the Swedish retailer wants to make your next room refresh even easier—and more sustainable. If you've got old Ikea furniture lying around that could use an upgrade, you can now sell back gently used pieces in exchange for store credit. These items will soon be resold in an "as-is" section of the store, so your furniture can go to a new home instead of the landfill.

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Courtesy of IKEA

The Ikea Buy Back & Resell service is available at more than 30 store locations around the U.S. from now through December 5, 2021. The initiative's nationwide rollout follows a pilot program at the store's Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, location, where 100% of the products brought in were resold, says Jennifer Keesson, the country sustainability manager for Ikea U.S.

To participate in the program, you first need to be a part of the Ikea Family loyalty program, which is free to join. Once you're signed up, you can fill out an online form with details on the furniture you'd like to sell back. You'll then receive an email with an initial quote on the piece's value. Bring a copy of the quote and your fully assembled furniture to your nearest participating location, where the piece will be assessed again in person and you'll receive your store credit in the form of an Ikea return card. Shop around while you're there or save it for another day, as this credit won't expire.

The new buy-back service offers a handy way to offload your old stuff without the hassle of listing it on a resale site and trying to wrangle a buyer yourself. However, the program doesn't apply to all Ikea products. Check the website for the full list of ineligible categories, which includes upholstered furniture, electrical appliances, beds, and anything that has been painted, "hacked," or otherwise modified.

And if you're looking to shop rather than sell, head to the "as-is" section of the store, typically located in the warehouse area. You'll find great discounts on gently used or discontinued items as well as ex-showroom displays, all of which have been thoroughly inspected to ensure functionality and safety, Keesson notes. Everything brought in through the buy-back program will be resold at the same price credited to the original owner, which means you can expect a discount commensurate with the item's age, condition, and functionality.

Round up your old Kallax shelf or Billy bookcase and earn some extra funds to use the next time you hit up Ikea. It's great for your wallet, the planet, and anyone looking for a secondhand score.

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