5 Perfectly Autumnal Decor Trends from IKEA's Fall Collection

The new KRÖSAMOS collection is packed with fall decor inspiration.

When it comes to affordable, on-trend furniture and home decor, few stores can keep up with IKEA. Between its sustainability-driven buy-back program, its iconic Swedish meatballs, and its many collections of long-loved furnishings, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back to these big blue stores. IKEA is also a great source for decor inspiration: The IKEA catalog may no longer be published, but the company releases new collections packed with tons of smart decor ideas and hints at what's to come, trend-wise, throughout the year.

Take IKEA's fall 2022 collection, KRÖSAMOS. This seasonal launch is packed with smaller decorative items anyone can bring home to keep their space on-trend without requiring a huge (and expensive) decor overhaul. Even if you're not looking to shop right now, there's plenty of decor inspiration to take from these new items.

IKEA Fall 2022 Krosamos collection full collection and cutting board
Design: Better Homes & Gardens; Photos: Courtesy of IKEA

KRÖSAMOS is an assortment of kitchenware, dishware, and other cooking and entertaining essentials that emphasize sustainability while offering beautiful ways to prepare and serve delicious meals. This fall collection—with other new launches, including AROMATISK, which celebrates the festive weeks of autumn in India with textiles and decorative items in colorful, bold colors and the BLÅVINGAD collection of ocean-inspired toys, decor, and textiles—helps define what IKEA stores around the world will look like in the coming weeks and months. Don't be surprised if you see the same colorways and materials other places, too.

We picked through IKEA's fall collection for decor inspiration we expect we'll be seeing a lot of this fall. Read on for the IKEA-inspired fall trends we're excited to see more of.

IKEA Fall 2022 Krosamos collection jars on cart
Courtesy of IKEA

1. Global Inspiration

AROMATISK is obviously inspired by the colors and celebrations of India, but KRÖSAMOS also boasts some international influence, particularly in the shapes of the jars, bottles, and dishware of the line. The line's designers, Henrik and Ida Preutz, say the shapes are inspired by Asian cooking, and the stoneware dishes—particularly the bowl—look similar to traditional ceramic rice bowls. This increased appreciation and respect for non-Western design and aesthetics isn't new, but it's going to continue into this fall, maybe even in some unexpected places, like your dinner table.

IKEA Fall 2022 Krosamos collection
Courtesy of IKEA

2. Deep Colors

Recent color trend predictions have leaned further and further into bold, vibrant hues, and the tones of the KRÖSAMOS collection demonstrates that colorful decor isn't going anywhere anytime soon. As a seasonal collection, too, KRÖSAMOS is full of autumn-perfect colors, with rich shades reminiscent of fall foliage. The overall color palette is full of deep reds, browns, and blacks, and the few textiles in the line—KRÖSAMOS consists mostly of kitchenware, though there are a few softer pieces, like the dish towels—are patterned with the colors you'd expect to see in fall decor. If you thought fall decor would be more subtle this year, think again: Bold color will be big on walls, fabrics, dishes, and everywhere else.

IKEA Fall 2022 Krosamos collection bottles with stoppers
Courtesy of IKEA

3. Sustainability

IKEA has made its commitment to sustainability clear, and its efforts are reflected—in part—in the aesthetics presented in its new collections. In KRÖSAMOS, sustainable attitudes appear in the focus on canning, preserving, and otherwise making the most of local (and even home-grown!) produce. The line includes a sifter/funnel set and reusable canning jars to help shoppers make their own preserved goods at home, and the entire collection's at-home dining and entertaining essentials celebrate eating seasonally. There are many different ways to practice sustainability, but this fall trend makes it clear that preserving and canning are going to be a popular fall activity in 2022, and the tools used for these activities are getting an eye-grabbing makeover.

IKEA Fall 2022 Krosamos collection cutting board
Courtesy of IKEA

4. Natural Textures

In line with its celebration of nature-inspired fall colors, IKEA's fall collection also highlights wood and other natural textures. The collection's cutting board is made of walnut, and the bottle stoppers feature walnut heads; the dishware is glazed stoneware, which has a subtle texture. The dark colors of these items shine when paired with the other deep tones of the collection, and the sturdiness of these natural materials conveys a certain coziness. Wood, stoneware, and other natural materials have been increasingly popular in the last year or so, but expect to see them even more this fall.

IKEA Fall 2022 Krosamos collection condiment jars
Courtesy of IKEA

5. Soft, Curving Silhouettes

Fall is all about transitioning into cozier trends, and the KRÖSAMOS collection is the perfect example of why soft, rounded edges make for the coziest shapes. The bottles, cutting boards, and dishes in this collection all feature gentle curves, no sharp edges to be found. Harsh edges might have had their moment, but as tastes lean a more organic direction, it's clear that more circular shapes in everything from dishware to sofas to rugs are here to stay.

The AROMATISK and KRÖSAMOS collections are available in IKEA stores and online starting September 1. BLÅVINGAD launches in October 2022.

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