Hot new office accessory alert! These fingerless let you type, click, and scribble at your desk all while warming cold hands.

By Hannah Bruneman
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Cold offices, you have met your match. Heated fingerless warming gloves are the odd but brilliant product fighting against freezing offices.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Whether your office skimps on the heat in the winter or overcompensates with air-conditioning in the summer, cold hands in an office setting are all too familiar.

Luckily, there's a solution. Unlike normal gloves, these heated fingerless gloves allow you to type and click without obstruction. They come in three colors and cost next to nothing at just $1.95 per pair.

Livoty sells the gloves on Amazon. Each glove has a warming pad inside and connects to a USB cord. The USB cord splits in two so you're free to keep one hand on your mouse and the other on your coffee cup.

You don’t have to keep them at your work desk, either. Heated gloves are great for gamers who keep their computers and consoles in a cold basement. Or attach them to your car USB port for toasty hands with fingers free to touch the radio dial or skip to the next song on your playlist. It really is the winter accessory we never knew we needed.

Amazon user reviews are a toss-up. Some swear by this product, ensuring that they’re a great fit for a cold office. Others warn that the heating pads get too hot and nearly burn the skin. Like all too-good-to-be-true products, we highly recommend testing the gloves first. Plug them in and let them heat before sliding your hand in all the way. If the heat gets uncomfortable, treat them like an electric blanket and give the gloves a break.

At less than $2, they're certainly worth trying, and follow in the footsteps of other warm winter gear like heated vests and heated car blankets. Just let us know when they make heated socks, too!


Comments (2)

January 28, 2019
Tried to order on Amazon. Delivery date expected MARCH 12!! Winter will be over by then.
January 25, 2019
There is a company that just came out with heated shoe inserts! They are charged by USB, also. Not socks, but close! I forgot the name though. Google it, lol!