These new card lines, in stores now, were designed to celebrate Chinese, Indian, African American, and Latino cultures.

By Emily VanSchmus
August 09, 2019
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Hallmark just released four new multicultural card lines and spoiler alert: They’re all gorgeous. The permanent collections combine elements of the holidays, events, colors and design elements associated with Chinese, Indian, African American, and Latino cultures—giving representation to a wider range of celebrations.

In a press release Lindsey Roy, Hallmark’s chief marketing officer, said, “As the world changes, our cards are also changing to help as many people as possible experience the power of a card in ways that are unique and relevant to their cultures." All four collections are available in-stores and online now, and don't forget: Earlier this summer, Hallmark announced they'd be giving away free greeting cards every Friday through September 27—so now we have more reasons to head to the store! 

Image courtesy of Hallmark.
Image courtesy of Hallmark.

Golden Thread

This visually striking card line was created to celebrate big moments in Indian culture including Ramadan, Diwali, and Eid—along with birthdays, encouragement, and more. Cards in the Golden Thread collection feature colorful embellishments like glitter, gems, and cut-outs. 

Buy It: Joy and Light Diwali Card, $4.99, Hallmark

Image courtesy of Hallmark.
Image courtesy of Hallmark.


Uplifted—a new collection within Hallmark Mahogany—celebrates "the beauty of black womanhood and female empowerment in ways that are unique to black culture," according to Hallmark, and feature the bold designs of black artists like Dana Bly and Etta Vee. Grab a bunch of these to have on hand to send whenever a girlfriend needs a pick-me-up or a reminder that you've got her back.

Buy It: Look At You, Queen Card, $3.99, Hallmark 

Image courtesy of Hallmark.
Image courtesy of Hallmark.

Eight Bamboo 

You’ll find traditional patterns and colors on these cards, created to celebrate Chinese culture and traditions. Pick up a card that celebrates a baby’s 100th day or help a friend celebrate the Chinese New Year. But you don’t need a special occasion; the Eight Bamboo line also features gorgeous thinking of you, thank you, and just because cards. 

Buy It: Luck and Happiness Birthday Card, $4.99, Hallmark

Image courtesy of Hallmark.
Image courtesy of Hallmark.

Love Ya Mucho 

The new Love Ya Mucho collection is a new line within Hallmark Vida. The cards are written in English, but incorporate Spanish words, phrases, and design elements—so they're perfect for those who speak both English and Spanish, and feel a strong connection to their Latino roots. You can expect to find classic greeting cards for life events like birthdays and Quinceañeras, along with “just because” cards to help you encourage friends and family. 

Buy It: Quinceañera Birthday Card, $3.99, Hallmark



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