Hallmark Channel just delivered the biggest Christmas miracle of all.

By Emily VanSchmus

It’s been a long, hard month without Hallmark Christmas programming, and it looks like the brand feels the same way. On Thursday, Hallmark Channel announced they’ll be airing Christmas movies all year long.

In the past, we’ve had to wait for Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas programming to start our holiday movie marathons. This year, Hallmark Channel is celebrating the 10th year of Countdown to Christmas by airing a Christmas movie every Friday of the year—that’s right, every single Friday. The announcement comes in the middle of Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day programming, so you’ll have plenty to watch this week.

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Image courtesy of Hallmark
Image courtesy of Hallmark.

If you’re like us and were already having Candace Cameron Bure withdrawals, this is exciting news. Hallmark has done Christmas movie marathons before, but they’ve never aired Christmas movies this early before. If you weren’t able to see all of the new 2018 Hallmark movies, you have 46 Fridays until next Christmas to catch up! And, they’re already casting extras for a 2019 Christmas movie!

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We’re seriously excited about this announcement, and we’re already counting down the days until Hallmark releases news about the new Christmas movies for 2019. In the meantime, we’ll be scheduling movie nights every Friday night to stay caught up!


Comments (3)

February 8, 2019
Yes!! I could watch them every day. Please bring back some of the older Christmas movies like The Christmas List with Mimi Rogers and 3 Days with Kristin Davis!! Pull out some of the archived flicks!
February 8, 2019
This is wonderful news!!! Looking forward to Friday’s
February 8, 2019
I love the Hallmark Channel "but" I don't want Christmas movies year round. Just filler space instead of new movies or shows.