Simply enter your address to receive a pack of three in the mail.

Social distancing measures have created unique opportunities for people to connect from afar, whether that's through virtual happy hours, simultaneous Netflix streaming, or sending a handwritten note via snail mail. To help foster those long-distance connections, Hallmark is giving away free three-packs of greeting cards, so you can send a little kindness to friends, family, and other loved ones through the mail.

The company announced on Friday an initiative to donate one million greeting cards. As of today, that goal has been expanded to two million cards due to the enthusiastic response, according to the website.

Three greeting cards on a pink background
Credit: Courtesy of Hallmark

"Hallmark has been in the business of caring for more than 100 years, so lending a hand to help others connect is part of our DNA," said Lindsey Roy, chief marketing officer of Hallmark, in a statement. "During a time of unprecedented social distancing, we hope these cards will be shared across neighborhoods, towns and the country to help lift spirits."

To receive your free pack of cards, simply visit Hallmark's "Care Enough" website and enter your name and address. The cards should arrive in your mailbox within 3-5 business days.

Each pack contains three card designs, including one that reads "Here for you, here for everything" and another with the message, "There's a surprising amount of love in this folded piece of paper." Envelopes are included, so all you need is a regular stamp (no extra postage required).

Available to anyone in the continental U.S., these heartwarming notes offer the perfect opportunity to share words of encouragement and support with a family member in a nursing home, a friend across the country, or your local hospital staff. The free offer is only available while supplies last (with a limit of one per person), so sign up now to claim your pack and send some joy to the ones you love.


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