With Minted's new greeting card subscription, you'll never forget to send a card again. They'll send you personalized reminders before each birthday, anniversary, or life event.

By Emily VanSchmus
June 11, 2019
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I’d like to be the kind of person who never forgets to send a birthday card, but let’s be honest; it's easy to forget! I buy beautiful cards that are just right for a friend’s birthday or my parents’ anniversary—and then come across them again in my card drawer long after the special day has passed. If this situation sounds familiar to you, there’s finally a solution to make you look like you've really got your life together. Minted, the greeting card company known for their unique designs, has come out with a greeting card subscription service that will actually remind you when to send each card you buy.

Three greeting cards on gray surface

When you sign up for the subscription, you can choose any amount of greeting cards from Minted’s newest collections. The service doesn’t auto-renew, so you only pay for the cards you need at the time. Rather than the regular price of $6 each, the cards end up being as low as $3.98, and shipping is free—but that’s not even the best part.

As soon as you add a card to your subscription, you’ll be prompted to fill in a few details about the card—who the card is for, the occasion, and the date. These details are stored in your personal account, and you'll receive a notification when it’s time to put each card in the mail. So, if you buy a card for your friend Katie’s birthday two months from now, Minted will send you an email reminder one week before her birthday and let you know you need to get it in the mail—genius, right?

Three greeting cards on a gray surface

The service allows you to select as many cards you want (with no minimum!), so you can get an entire year's worth of cards (and reminders!) at one time. I bought mostly birthday cards, but I have a few weddings to attend this year, so I added dates and reminders to those as well. That way, I’ll get a reminder when it’s time to write something sweet before the weddings, and next year I can use the reminder to send an anniversary card. Of course, you can add notifications for regular holidays too; the subscription is great for once-a-year holidays because you’re less likely to have a spare Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card floating around as you might with a generic birthday card.

You can also add generic cards (without a reminder) to your order as well. I picked up a few extra ‘congrats’ and ‘thinking of you’ cards with my subscription since you never know when you’ll need one of those in a hurry. This is definitely my new favorite way to buy greeting cards, and I’m relieved to know I’ll never forget to mail a card again.


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