Glidden’s Color of the Year 2023 Is a Moody Blend of 2 Favorite Colors

PPG’s experts are fans of the color, too, making it a two-time Color of the Year 2023 pick.

Last year, we saw a slew of 2022 Color of the Year picks that leaned into versatility, playfulness, and natural tones—and with the announcement of Glidden's Color of the Year 2023 prediction, Vining Ivy, it's looking like those themes will carry into 2023, too.

Glidden paint by PPG released its annual Color of the Year announcement on Tuesday, August 16, officially naming Vining Ivy (PPG1148-6) the brand's 2023 hue. Vining Ivy is a teal that blends the best of blue and green into what Glidden describes as a "bluish-greenish-something-in-betweenish" color. Like other teal blue paint colors, Vining Ivy conveys a sense of adaptability: It works equally well as an accent shade and a focal wall color, depending on what atmosphere you want to create in your space.

Scandi living room interior with Glidden Color of the Year 2023, Vining Ivy
PPG Architectural Coatings

"Consumers are seeking to simplify in this post-COVID era, as the past two years have shed a new light on the importance of serenity and little moments," said Ashley McCollum, Glidden color expert, in a press release. "Vining Ivy embodies this vibe perfectly. It is energizing yet grounding, and it works in literally any space. Its versatility takes the guesswork out of design, leaving consumers with more time to indulge in the things that matter most to them."

If you're doubting the promise of this moody, borderline jewel tone for 2023, think again: In a move McCollum called "so nice, we picked it twice," color experts at PPG (the parent company of Glidden) have also named Vining Ivy their pick for Color of the Year 2023. This joint choice means Vining Ivy will serve as the Color of the Year 2023 for both Glidden and PPG, emphasizing both brands' confidence that this bold blend of green and blue paint colors will be everywhere in 2023.

Paint blob graphic in Vining Ivy, Glidden by PPG Paint Color of the Year 2023
PPG Architectural Coatings

How to Use Glidden and PPG's Color of the Year 2023 in Your Home

The selection of Vining Ivy is just the latest in a years-long shift toward more colorful homes and spaces. After the ubiquitous all-white (or all-neutral, at least) interiors of the early 2000s, trends have been moving in a direction that is definitively more colorful—and more varied, as a one-size-fits-all approach to decor fades away and personal style takes the forefront.

Vining Ivy from Glidden and PPG incorporates some 2022 paint color trend predictions, such as the rise of restorative greens and using blues as neutrals, which means using it in your home will feel less like taking a colossal risk and more like leaning into a look years in the making. Glidden's pros recommend pairing walls painted with Vining Ivy with deeper-tone woods and off-white trim for a relaxed, nature-infused feel. For a more luxurious look, you can use bright white trim and golden accents to emphasize the jewel-tone aspect of the shade. You can even use Vining Ivy on your kitchen cabinets to try the colorful kitchen cabinetry look.

Farmhouse hallway interior with Glidden Color of the Year 2023, Vining Ivy
PPG Architectural Coatings

The deep tones of Vining Ivy lend themselves to dramatic decor statements, but you can also go small with this color of the year.

"Those who love this moody hue but are still feeling in-betweenish on how to bring it into their space can treat themselves to the understated elegance of a teal accent wall or serve up a statement by featuring Vining Ivy on their kitchen cabinetry," McCollum said. "Even the most modest spaces can benefit from the teal treatment. For those short on square footage but big on style, we recommend using this rich hue as bold contrast to a neutral palette, making a petite room feel plush."

Whether you're playing up the botanical element of this color by using it as a backdrop for your plant collection or thinking about making a bold choice with the trim in your home, the opportunities for using Glidden's Color of the Year 2023 at home are near limitless: Use a color wheel to pick complementary colors for furnishings and decorative accents, and however you apply Vining Ivy, you can't go wrong.

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