It cuts 24 Christmas shapes at once.  

By Jennifer Aldrich
November 07, 2019
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We're always looking for tools to make our lives a bit easier in the kitchen, especially during holidays. Although one of our favorite activities during December is making Christmas cookies, the process can be time-consuming, especially when baking several different batches. But recently, we spotted a device that will make some of our favorite cookie recipes come together faster than you can say "Merry Christmas."

The Giant Christmas Cookie Cutter, which is from Chip and Joanna Gaines' line, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, cuts an impressive 24 cookies at once. The cutter is made of metal with a sharp cutter side and features festive shapes including Christmas trees, stars, and snowflakes that will be ready for cookie decorating once your freshly baked cookies cool off. According to the product description, the tool brings "efficiency and fun" to your baking experience, and it's available at Target.

Courtesy of Target

Buy It: Giant Cookie Cutter Pewter, $14.99, Target

Perhaps the best part about this cutter, along with the fact it speeds up the baking process, is that it ensures your cookies more consistently tender because you won't have to re-roll your dough scraps as many times. (However, different sizes of cookies have different baking times, so make sure you're keeping a close eye on your batch once it goes in the oven.) Because the device is so easy to operate—all you have to do is roll out your dough and firmly press down the cutter—bakers of all levels can successfully use it. The giant cookie cutter should only be hand washed, which is probably for the best since we'd end up denting or bending it trying to make it fit in our dishwasher. To ensure there aren't any bits of dough stuck in it, use a toothbrush to scrub the crevices. Whether you prefer sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, or another recipe, this cutter works perfectly.

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This cutter isn't the only intriguing Christmas cookie tool we've spotted this season. We're also loving the embossed rolling pin that shaves time off the decorating process by imprinting a festive design without any additional frostings or sprinkles needed. When it comes to innovative baking tools, we're definitely on board—the more Christmas cookies, the merrier!



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